Blank Proxies, An In-Depth Review Of Speeds, Success And Prices

I have been using Blank Proxies several times now and decided to leave my review here on botsthatwork.

How does Blank Proxies work? Legit proxies?

Blankproxies is legit, yes. I’ve ordered over 15 times and I’ve always had success creating the proxies and at times it didnt go so well, I got all the help I’ve ever needed. Blankproxies might be a bit more complicated than other proxy-providers when it comes to getting your proxies.

After successfully purchasing your data plan or your proxies at, you will get a confirmation mail with a discord invite and a username and password. You need to follow the steps in the discord to create your proxies. Have a look at this screenshot down below.

Blankproxies uses discord bots to automate the process of getting your proxies, and if you find difficulties creating your proxies, there is literally 24/7 help online.

Did I really cook thanks to Blank Proxies ?

Hyped releases are sold out in seconds, that’s exactly why fast proxies are key. I live in Europe, so I decided to go for the Yeezy ‘Antlia’. I set up my Another Nike Bot on my Google Cloud Server and I bought a residential proxy plan.

I believe it was 2GB data that I bought, because that was enough to keep my bot running for the entire release. I created my tasks in advance using the Product ID of the shoes and I had set up for the entire release.

It was time to start tasks and I instantly checked out, It wouldn’t surprise me if I was the first person to get throught the queue.

Many other checkouts followed, and I managed to buy 16! pairs total. I sold them directly when prizes were still high, and I made around 1300$ profit.

All shoes came in on different days and I wanted to get rid of them ASAP, so I couldn’t take a picture of all of them.

So, this release was probably one of the most recent best releases, but I’ve had more success with the incredible speeds of blankproxies.

Do I have any bad experiences to share?

And I don’t think I need to spend a page on the bad side of Blankproxies, because there isn’t one in my opinion.

These proxies never failed for me, I’ve always gottten enough help in other to succeed. If you don’t know how your bot works, ask the community, the same goes for proxies, ask everything and you will learn and succeed.


Are Blank Proxies hard to get ? My advices

If, after reading this review, you think you’re getting some proxies over at Blank, you need to know a few things. Blankproxies are rarely in stock, they are often sold out because of the high demand.

So, if you are going to try and buy, be sure to follow their twitter to stay up to date of any restocks. (@blankproxies on twitter). Also, after buying once with blankproxies, it should be less scary and more familiar, it’s a one-time discovery, because after going through the process once, you’ll know how it works.

Pricing is normal, it could be that you find cheaper prices at other providers, but compared to the service you get with Blankproxies, I would highly recommend ordering some proxies at blank.

I would totally recommend Blank Proxies

Are you looking to make your bot work and cop those hyped releases, blank proxies is legit, fast, and well-priced. I would highly recommend Blankproxies. Thanks for reading.

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