Nike Shoe Bot or NSB bot performs really well on a wide range of sites, but if you’re a beginner then find out in this Nike Shoe Bot review why this might not be for you.

Full disclosure, while NSB is one of the few bots that are in stock, if you want your chance of getting a sneaker bot FOR FREE that will potentially outperform NSB then check this out now.


NSB bot is a very consistent AIO bot. NSB supports over 100 shopify sites, Supreme and Footsites (Footlocker, EastBay, ChampsSports and Footaction).

It has a very easy to use UI and is easy to set up. NSB is very pricey but also very successful if you run it properly. It is particularly good on YeezySupply, and Shopify sites in general. NSB has a very useful monitor.

45 Actionable Items & Tips in (1) ultimate botting checklist.

Reasons why I use Nike Shoe Bot (NSB). My review.

Although not the easiest bot to use, Nike Shoe Bot is among the most successful and consistent if run properly.

Top features include a very useful bot monitor, proxy and server support along with a variety of modes to choose from when creating a task. Its Very simple UI will also make it easy to set up.

Similar to other top bots available, NSB allows you to add custom Shopify sites but it does stand out with its massive site list and does well on basically every one.

One of the top advantage of NikeShoeBot is that it’s always in stock, this ensures you won’t get scammed as you won’t have to buy from a reseller.

Hi 👋🏾 thanks @NikeShoeBot and @SurgeProxies

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What I hope the team will improve with this bot?

I would not recommend this bot for beginners. It is very expensive, $499 every year. There is also an added cost of proxies and a server to consider, making NSB quite expensive to run.

If you aren’t experienced with botting then you will probably lose a lot of money

Buying another AIO bot like TKS, Cyber, Eve, etc will work out a lot cheaper long term and probably give you the same success.

Is NikeShoeBot for sale? What’s the price?

NSB costs $499 per year and is for sale directly on their website.

Unlike most of the other top bots, NSB is always in stock. This means you can easily buy the bot directly through them. Their website is

Does NikeShoeBot work? How do I use it?

I run NSB for every shopify drop. I also use NSB’s monitor to catch any restocks or shock drops. The monitor allows you to create quick tasks with one click, this puts you at a massive advantage to everyone else.

The monitor is also useful for quickly getting a product link and mass editing it into your tasks. This is useful for when a product page is not live until it drops.

A screenshot of the monitor can be seen at the top of this review. NSB is very good on all of the sites it supports. I have personally had very good success with NSB on YeezySupply, Fear of God and Shopify sites in general.

The custom Shopify site option is also very useful, only a few bots have this feature.

Insane site list to drop from but a pricey bot

If you know what you’re doing and have experience with botting, then NSB could be a good choice.

NSB is definitely not a good bot for beginners. When you are starting to learn how to bot, you will make a lot of mistakes, this is how you will learn.

If you pay $499 for 1 year, most / all of this time will be spent learning and it is very likely that you won’t be making any money back. This means that by the end of the year you will be $499 down. You will then have to spend another $499 or buy a cheaper bot.

To buy NSB for a year costs more than buying Eve AIO for lifetime, this puts it into perspective how expensive NSB is. You have to be sure that you will really cook with NSB more than you would with any other bot.

For most people, I would recommend buying another AIO bot as there are a lot of other bots which perform just as well as NSB and are significantly cheaper in the long run.

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