The Shit Bot, more commonly known as TSB bot is a new sneaker bot that supports Nike in 40+ regions and now is known as arguably the best Nike bot on the market. Nike is regarded for having one of the top anti-botting systems implemented through its app and website, (https://www.nike.com/launch/). Nike had the vision to eliminate all botting on its website.

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The Shit Bot has more success than any other Nike bot

Nike often has three ways of releasing their shoes. First being FCFS (first come, first served), the faster you are, the higher chance you have of succeeding. The second type of drop type for Nike is known as LEO, this is a mixture between a first come first serve release and a raffle.

In an LEO drop timing is still a factor, you need to be as quick as possible completing the purchase just like FCFS, but there’s also a small raffle element. Like FCFS, those who get entries in first normally come out with the W. Nike will select winners randomly.

The last dropping method for Nike is known as a DAN release. DAN releases give you a full 30 minutes to enter for the shoes and after the raffle ends you usually have to check back 10-30 minutes later to see if you won.

TSB is a very new bot compared to other SNKRS bots like Ghost AIO which have been on the market for significantly longer. The Shit Bot has been out of beta for less than two months but that has not stopped it for showing more Nike success than any of its competitors.

An example of this could be the 536 checkouts they had on one day for the Air Jordan 1 Zoom and the Nike SB Dunk Syracuse and Kentucky colorway.

Why TSB bot is not the perfect bot

Nike botting comes with a cost, a cost that is heavier than that of botting Shopify or Foot sites. In addition to buying proxies and a server, you will also need Nike accounts.

In order to make a Nike account it needs to be SMS verified, this means verified by phone. Nike accounts often cost an average of $0.50 for Chinese accounts (these accounts are known to be more filtered out and often last only one or two drops) and roughly $2.00 for US or EU accounts.

With many sneakerheads having as many as 300 accounts, Nike botting can get expensive fast. It is also important to note that Nike botting fluctuates more than any other botting (ex. Shopify and Supreme) because it seems as if they constantly change it.

the shit bot
  • UI / UX
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • Success Rate
  • Price

User interface

TSB boasts a new and sleek UI that separates itself from the rest of the competition such as BNB which uses an outdated UI compared to TSB. The Shit Bot has a UI based around poop as per the name, with different pieces of poop representing features such as profiles, proxies, accounts, settings, and tasks.

TSB also has a light mode and dark mode that is easily adjustable in the settings which is a nice feature to customize. For these reasons, I gave TSB a 9/10 for UI/UX.

Regular updates

TSB often updates before a Nike drop just to ensure that every aspect of the bot will work smoothly.

Furthermore, TSB also updates frequently adding new features into the bot such as the access checker which can check for exclusive access when Nike grants exclusive access for a drop to a limited number of people. This was how I was able to get the Jordan 1 Pine Green.


Support is kind and replies to tickets quicker than most other bots. TSB does significantly more promotion and giveaways (even cash) from their support members.

Their support members are generous with giveaways and quick with tickets and because of that, I gave TSB an 8/10 for support.

TSB Bot Price

TSB retails for $299 yearly and they restock roughly twice a month that they will announce via their twitter (https://twitter.com/The_Shit_Bot). TSB also does many group buys with discord cook groups so that is also a way to get a copy.

If you cannot find a way to pick up a copy for retail then on the secondary market, TSB costs roughly $350. This price per year is more than most Nike bots but it does not come with a huge resell price. This is why I gave TSB a 7/10 for price.

Success rate

TSB has only been out of “alpha-beta” for less than two months. This does not mean itis not showing success. TSB had 290 checkouts on the Nike x Sacai waffle Black and White and 499 checkouts on the Air Jordan 1 Pine Green.

This surpasses that of other Nike bots such as Ghost and BNB, although these numbers can be a bit deceiving. Success rate heavily varies by region for each drop, such as the United States region for the Nike x Sacai drop copped much less than Europe and Japan, sometimes it can be the opposite and United States cops most of the pairs, this was present in the last Nike SB dunk Syracuse and Kentucky drop. For these reasons, I gave TSB a 7/10 for the success rate.

Number of shops

TSB only supports Nike. For new botters looking for a first bot, TSB may not be the best option because you may want a bot that can get you shoes from different places such as Shopify sites like Kith and ExtraButter as well as Foot sites like Eastbay and Footlocker, and even sites like Adidas and Supreme.

For many, one site is a major problem. One advantage though is how TSB supports 40 different Nike regions, which is a great aspect if you are planning on using a reshipper for certain drops or running slots. Due to TSB having one site but supporting many regions I gave TSB a 4/10 for number of shops.

Will I continue using TSB Bot?

Nike botting is tough for both veteran botters and new botters, the incontinency associated with Nike botting pushed many away from TSB before even trying it.

Although, I believe that with a proper setup of accounts, proxies, and a server, TSB will prove the stereotypes associated with Nike botting wrong and prove to become an elite bot in the near future.

American sneakerhead with over two years of copping experience. Mostly reselling on Stadium and Fight Club, but his own store is on the verge of opening soon.

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