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Prism AIO, one of the fastest-growing AIO bots is an AIO bot that supports Shopify and Foot sites. It has recently been doing very well on releases like the Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0 and the Nike x Saicai Blazers. It is one of the few bots to have consistent success on Shopify despite its increased anti-bot measures.

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Does Prism AIO Work?

The short answer would be, yes Prism AIO works very well right now. Prism AIO was not always a top bot but in all my years of botting it is hard to say I have found a developer team that works harder than the Prism AIO developer team.

Recently, Prism is becoming one of the top bots on the market, with lots and updates and a variety of different modes (ex. Safe mode, Advanced mode, Super safe mode, restock mode) Prism has been securing tons of hyped items recently for its users including Yeezy’s, Off-White, Air Jordans and more.

Where could Prism bot improve?

Currently Prism AIO’s Shopify portion of their bot is lethal, it is arguably the best Shopify bot on the market right now but unfortunately not the same can be said about their foot sites portion.Overall it still makes for a pretty good AIO Bot

They only support a limited number of foot-sites and their success via foot-sites is not as good as Shopify. But, knowing the work ethic of the developers in the coming months I can easily see this becoming one of the top foot-sites bots. Prism developers have already acknowledged the suggestion of adding my foot-sites and are working many hours to battle anti-bot.

prism aio
  • Support
  • Regular Updates
  • Success Rate
  • UI / UX
  • Number of shops
  • Price

What setup is recommended?

Prism AIO in this way is similar to almost every other bot. I highly recommend you get proxies and a server to run Prism on for higher chances of success. I would recommend mostly residential with some datacenter proxies for Shopify and almost all residential proxies for foot sites such as Footlocker and Footaction.

Some proxy providers I have had consistent success with include unknown proxies, cookie proxies, and oculus proxies. I would also recommend a server with Prism AIO, servers will almost always increase your chances of getting hyped items, AWS and Google Cloud are great and affordable options for servers.

Success rates:

Currently, Prism is a strong enough bot that is able to secure hyped items for its users every single release. It is so strong on Shopify now that it outperforms its competition regularly. Like every other bot, Prism has had rough releases and especially during its early phases it showed little success but now it is one of the top bots. Due to consistent success and often being among the top sneaker bots, I gave Prism’s success rate an 8/10.

Regular updates:

The Prism bot developers are extremely hardworking and willing to devote any time to make the bot have high success. This includes pushing last-minute updates to beat Shopify’s updated Anti-Bot. A lot of bot developers don’t update their bots very close to the drop but Prism does and the updates prove consistent success.

Additionally, Prism bot is always updating its modern and sleek UI to enhance usability and it does a good job at it, (my UI/UX can be found in-depth below under the category UI/UX). Due to consistent updates of source code and UI I gave Prism a 9/10 for regular updates.


The staff and support at Prism bot are arguably one of the most helpful in the botting industry. They will advise you on which modes to use for drops and even put together in-depth guides of how to set up the bot for each site during a hyped sneaker or clothing drop.

Also, Prism support answers questions very quickly, they are always helpful and active. For these reasons above I gave Prism a 9/10 for support.


Ever since Prism bot was introduced it has had a modern and sleek UI that is arguably one of the top UI’s in the botting industry. With an easy to use interface and a simplistic captcha solver a lot of Prism users can easily learn the in and outs of this bot and setup quick tasks in less than one minute.

While it does not feature an analytics tab like Kodai, Project Destroyer or Cybersole it is still very easy to navigate and complete tasks such as inserting proxy lists, changing profiles, changing delays and more.


Prism AIO retails for the price of $100 renewal per 6 months, you can grab it for retail from their twitter, or a group-buy from a notable sneaker discord like Amnotify or Peachy Pings. The only problem is that it is often harder to get a copy of Prism AIO for retail then the shoes that you buy from it.

Prism now has a resale of roughly $2000, Prism is a relatively new bot and while the developers are very hard working it will take many drops just to make the $2000 back that you spent on the bot. In addition to the $2000 you would also need to consider the $100 renewal every 6 months.

You would need to obtain a lot of high profile items such as Jordan 1’s or Off-White merchandise to make your money back paying the resale price for Prism AIO. Due to the high resale of Prism AIO I rated price at a 5/10.

Note: in order to not get scammed buying a bot for resale I would highly suggest you use a middleman, I recommend Tidal Marketplace along with Botmart to sell and buy bots. 

Number of shops:

Prism supports Shopify and a limited amount of foot sites which is good. Few bots now even support foot-sites so it is great that Prism does although compared to other AIO bots such as AIOmoji, Project Destroyer, and Cybersole which support more foot-sites, Adidas, NTWRK app, Supreme and more Prism could support more sites. I am confident that their developers will continue to expand the options they have for foot-sites and maybe even add Supreme or Adidas later on.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

The answer is Yes, definitely. I do not think any developers are as hard-working as the  developers at Prism, judging by the amount of progress they made beating Shopify’s anti-bot in such a short amount of time I can’t wait for them to start beating other bot systems like Akamai and possibly Pooky. Be careful not to fall for a cracked version though.

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