Cracked Sneaker And Supreme Bots. Everything You Need To Know

When you’re new to reselling sneakers and other goods, you will probably think people are crazy buying bots that cost 3-5,000 of euros. And after researching and getting to know the community, you will probably get to know these ‘cracked sneaker bots’. Is it a good alternative for such an expensive bot, should i just get one? Everything you need to know is explained here.

cracked bots

So cracked sneaker bots are basically just cracked pieces of software. Just like you can go to a torrent website and download a cracked version of photoshop, you can get yourself a cracked bot in the exact same way.

However, it’s not as great as it sounds. Botting with cracked sneaker bots is often dangerous, and you therefore risk losing your personal information to the people behind those cracked bots.

Think of a possibilty of your credit card details being stolen, or your complete address.

Cracked sneakers and Supreme bots are cheaper

Cracked sneaker bots are often way cheaper than the actual bot. For example with Cybersole, we can see cracked copies for prices of 200 to 300 dollars.

It’s not only risking your details when getting a cracked bot, you’d probably also have difficulty actually buying a the bot. Most of the times you would get your cracked sneaker bot off of a sketchy person, which makes chances of being scammed much and much higher than just buying a normal bot through an official marketplace like botmart or tidal.


Let’s say you’re looking into getting Kodai, and you fail to get the money for resale, which is like 4K at the moment, so you decide to get a cracked version of the bot. You would look all around the internet to find a cracked bot seller, and you find one in the end.

He is sketchy and careful, as what he is doing is not allowed. You decide to send him the money, which is a risky move, as you have no control over the situation from now on. This is the first risk you’re facing. Then, let’s say he doesn’t scam you and he sends you a download link to get the bot. Here we find the second risk, is it actually the bot? Or is it malware?

Or is it the bot but did he change something in the code to make sure all information is sent to his mail box? Who knows. There are lots of risks that come with buying a cracked sneaker bot, and I therefore do not advise anyone to get a cracked sneaker bot. What if your information gets stolen from the bot, and someone withdraws 5000$ from your credit card, would you be happy? I guess not, do not take such risks.


Cracked bots do not have the functionnalities ( Discord…)


Another remarkable element is that a cracked sneaker bot does not grant access to the actual discord server of the bot. The normal discord, that comes with for example Hawk Mesh, provides all user information that helps you run the bot.

Without access, and without any familiraty with the bot, it’s going to be quite difficult finding out how the bot works and what you need to do when seeing an error.

My personal experience with cracked sneaker bots

Let’s tell you my personal experience on this. I once tried a ‘cracked’ sneaker bot. I had 2 tries in this, just to try things out. The first try went terrible actually. I managed to find a sketchy buyer somewhere on the internet and i got in contact with him. He told me he was willing to sell me a fresh copy of Cybersole for only 120$.

I knew it was a scam, because this person could not provide me any proof of having a bot, or even having a key. I kept asking the seller for evidence, to find some kind of material we could expose him with, but he didnt have or wanted to give anything. That told me enough, and i decided to move on and look for another seller, cause it shouldn’t be that hard right? Indeed, it isn’t that hard to find another seller. I got in contact with him, and he showed me everything I asked him for.


Getting a cracked bot is tempting…

I wasn’t going to risk a lot of money, so I got a cracked copy of a bot on rent basis. So i believe i paid him 30$ to get the bot for a week. I got a download link after paying, and i decided to run some checks on it at first. It was all good, seems like there was no malware, or any other trash in the link, so I installed the file. I opened the bot and it was exactly the same as the normal Cybersole dashboard. I also got invited to a discord server, of the cracked cybersole version. It had like 700 people in it, so I seemed to have gotten in one of the bigger cracked servers.

I decided to not run it, out of own safety. It might have been safe, it might not have been safe. Because even though there are hundreds of people in the server and using the bot, it doesnt mean people’s information is not used. You don’t know anything, and that’s what scared me the most.

Will I Continue to using cracked sneaker bots?

To conclude I want to give you an advise. I would want to tell you that cracked sneaker bots are not alternatives for the actual, expensive bot. Cracked sneaker bots come together with a lot of chaos, lack of knowledge, and dangers. You never know what’s happening with a cracked bot behind the dashboard, and you do not know where your information stays or goes.

I believe, that in the end it is far more worth it to get a original copy, then to choose the cheap way and undergo a lot of other stuff which you don’t like. Personally, I just like the securities i get when having an original copy of a bot.

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