What Is A Reshipper And When Should You Use Them For Uk & Us?

A reshipper is an individual or company that will accept items ordered to their address and will ship them back to you with a small fee.


Using a reshipper is essential for region specific drops (i.e. If a pair of Jordans are US exclusive, you can deliver the shoes to a reshipper, who will then send them back to your personal address) and especially with the new Nike ban, as retailers such as Kith or Undefeated cannot ship outside the US anymore.

By using a reshipper, you can avoid the regional shipping bans by getting the item shipped to your reshipper, then back to your personal address.

In some cases, using a reshipper may also be cheaper than paying the website’s shipping costs (Some are ridiculous).

Are reshippers safe? Some are better than others

In short, reshippers can be safe and unsafe. If you are sending your items to an individual (i.e. A random person in that country) there is always the chance that they can run off with your items.

That is why I would advise you to use a large reshipping country or to send the items to personal friends and family living in that area.

The larger companies such as shipito are very unlikely to scam shipito are very unlikely to scam or lose your items and legal action can be taken against them. I would recommend avoiding sketchy reshippers and do not trust people that offer to reship who you don’t know! It’s better than getting scammed.


How do I get a reshipper in US or UK?

I personally recommend the two reshipping companies below as I have used them.

Once you have signed up for an account, the companies will provide an address for you to ship your items to and you will put that address in on the sites you want to purchase from. Then, you can add credit to your site balance via your bank account or card and any fees will be deducted from the site balance.

There are also options to upgrade to “premium” services on these websites, where the company will be able to hold your packages in storage for longer. I personally do not think that this is needed, but if you are shipping many items frequently, a membership may be a good investment.

Shipito: https://www.shipito.com/en/

Myus: https://www.myus.com/

Are there any extra fees needed when reshipping?

 Yes, you should always take customs and import fees into account, you can use the website listed below to calculate fees, as they are based on the package weight, size and value. I have also attached a customs fee calculator below, use both to determine your shipping service and the fees that they will cost.

Customs and import duties are paid on top of the shipping costs! These costs can stack and add up so I would always calculate costs before the drop to see whether you can make any profit on top of the fees!



Always remember to j1g your reshipping address, as sites such as supreme and other retailers usually block these addresses. A good way of doing this is to place 3 random letters in front of your address: 1 botsthatwork place becomes ONA botsthatwork place.

You can also change numbers to words: 5 to “five” and use abbreviations: “street” to “st”. The address MUST be jigged or else you will get your orders cancelled!

Also, please avoid using reshipper addresses on Supreme, as they will check whether the address your card is registered to matches the address that you want the item shipped to.

Unless you put the reshipper’s warehouse as your card’s address, supreme are very likely to cancel your orders.

What sites should I use reshippers on?

I recommend using reshippers on Nike retailers such as Kith, Undefeated, Concepts and others. (This is due to Nike’s recent ban on retailers and brands shipping items outside of their respective regions.)

And also on certain adidas drops as yeezys are often region exclusives. (Only available in certain regions)

However, the key to using reshippers is only using them on larger and more profitable drops, as fees and import tax can cut into your profit quite a lot.

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