In this article I’m going to be talking about the different factors that affect the price of a sneaker bot and how much a sneaker bot is.

how much is a sneaker bot

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Sneaker Bot Prices varies a lot!

It is impossible to give a price for a sneaker bot because there are so many different bots, all with different prices. You can buy a bot as cheap as $30, but they can also cost up to $6,000. The price of a bot can vary depending on a bunch of reasons. So we’ll try to break down how much a sneaker bot costs.  

Number of shops

The number of shops that the bot supports will usually affect the price. The more sites a bot supports, the more it is likely to cost. However, this is not always the case though. For example, F3 supports only one site but it costs 3 times the price of Aio bot, a bot that supports loads of sites.

Bots that support a small site list are usually very good because they are specialist bots and the dev teams can fully focus on just these sites. Ganesh and Hawkmesh are some other examples of specialist bots and are very successful on the sites that they support.

Retail VS resale sneaker bot price

Whether you are paying retail or resale price for a bot also changes the price. Cyber retails for only £300, but resells for over £2,000. If you can manage to get a bot for retail price then it shouldn’t cost too much, they only resale for loads. 


Hype plays a very important part in pricing of a bot. Some bots are more hyped and harder to get then the actual products themselves. Cyber is probably the most hyped bot, everyone that is into botting will have heard about Cyber. Although Cyber doesn’t have the most success out of all the bots, it is still one of the most expensive. This is due to very rare and limited restocks meaning that if you want to buy the bot you will probably have to buy from a reseller, for an expensive price.

Success rate affects how much a sneaker bot is

The success rate of the bot is probably the most important factor in determining the price of the bot. The more it cooks, the more money it will make you and therefore the more the bot company / reseller can charge for the bot. 

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