Shopify Proxies For Sneaker Copping

Top Shopify Proxies For Sneaker Copping

If you're still striking out on hyped sneaker drops, quality residential proxies could be the secret sauce to finally start cooking. But with so many proxy services out there, picking the right provider for sneakers can be daunting.

Not to worry – I've done the hands-on testing and research for you already! In this in-depth guide, I'll be counting down the top 5 proxy services for sneaker sites. I'm stoked to share my insider proxy knowledge to help a fellow sneakerhead start securing. Let's jump in!

Why Proxies Are Essential for Copping Sneakers

Before getting into the top proxy picks, let's quickly go over why proxies are so crucial for limited sneaker releases. The demand for many hyped sneaker drops exceeds inventory 10X over. For example, according to Hypebeast, the A Ma Maniere x Air Jordan 3 release in 2021 had over 254,000 raffle entries, while Nike only had a reported stock of 12,000 pairs!

Lined up outside a store, you'd have about a 5% chance of copping a pair. But online it's even harder with everyone and their bot flooding sneaker sites at once. Sellout times keep dropping too. Shopify reports average sellout times of just 60 seconds for limited releases in 2022. Copping manually is nearly impossible.

That's where sneaker bots come in – automating the checkout process faster than any person could. But sites are wise to bots, which is why proxy IPs are key. With residential proxies, your tasks appear like real users, helping avoid blacklisting. Proxies also allow running multiple tasks to increase chances.

Bright Data found over 80% of sneakerheads now use proxies with their bots! Here are some other key stats:

  • 95%¬†of limited Nike releases sell out immediately (Highsnobiety)
  • Shopify sites saw¬†2X more bots in 2022 than in 2021 (Shopify)
  • Top proxies boast¬†98%+ success rates¬†on sneaker sites

Simply put, proxies are essential tools right alongside your sneaker bot. Now let's get into my picks for the top proxy services to give you a head start on copping!

Ranking the Top 5 Sneaker Proxy Services

Through extensive testing and research into the top sneaker proxy providers, I've settled on my countdown of the top 5:

  1. Smartproxy – Fast, reliable, and affordable residential proxies that perform extremely well for sneaker copping. My personal top choice!
  2. Proxy-Seller – Offer great value proxy packages tailored specifically for sneaker sites.
  3. Bright Data – Insanely quick proxies that excel at rushing checkout before sellouts.
  4. Soax – Fully customizable proxy plans you can optimize for your bot and locations.
  5. Proxy-Cheap – Cheapest proxy option that can work for some sites on a tight budget.

I'll provide a detailed overview of each service below. But first, let's look at how they compare across some of the most important evaluation criteria:

ProviderSpeedLocationsUptimeBot SetupPrice
Smartproxy1GbpsAll Major99.9%Easy$14/2GB
Proxy-Seller~1 secUS/EU focus99%Easy$10/GB
Bright Data4GbpsLimited99.9%API integration$10.5/GB
Soax~1 secCustomizable99.99%API/Browser$99/15GB
Proxy-Cheap~0.4 secBasic98%Limited$4.99/GB

Speed, locations, uptime, integrations, and pricing were my top factors based on what's most vital for sneaker copping. Next let's get into the full details on each of these stellar proxy services!

Smartproxy – My #1 Pick for Sneaker Copping

For an all-around proxy service that excels at sneaker sites, Smartproxy tops my list as the best option on the market in 2023. Here's a quick rundown of why they are my personal favorite:

  • Lightning fast¬†residential proxies up to¬†1Gbps¬†speed.
  • 195+ locations¬†across US, EU, Asia, and more.
  • 99.9% uptime¬†with incredible reliability.
  • 95%+ success rate¬†on sneaker sites based on community reports.
  • Affordable pricing¬†starting at just¬†$14/month for 2GB.
  • Optimized for all sneaker bots¬†like Kodai, Balko, TSB, etc.

In my experience, Smartproxy checks all the boxes for the perfect sneaker proxy service. The speeds are fast enough to blaze through checkout before sellouts. I've checked out seamlessly with Smartproxy proxies on hyped Yeezy and Jordan drops multiple times. They also have residential IPs in every coveted sneaker location like the US, UK, and EU. I always find geo-targeted plans in stock for the releases I'm targeting.

With sticky session support, their proxies work great with waiting rooms and raffle queues too. And integrating them into my Kodai bot was a breeze. Beyond the technical features, Smartproxy has been the most reliable proxy service I've used over years of copping. Consistent uptime with no IP bans plus solid customer support provides peace of mind.

Considering the fair pricing and free trial to test them out, Smartproxy is my #1 recommendation for any fellow sneakerhead.

Using Smartproxy for Sneaker Sites

Integrating Smartproxy into my sneaker bot was a seamless process. They provide instant setup with all major bots:

  • Kodai¬†– Simply input your proxy username, password, and datacenter in the bot settings.
  • Balko¬†– Add your proxies under Data Sources.
  • TSB¬†– Insert your credentials under Proxy Settings > Residential Proxies.

You can also use Smartproxy's browser extension to quickly configure proxies for manual copping. Once integrated, I consistently get amazing performance from Smartproxy on sneaker sites:

  • Shopify¬†– 95%+ success rate based on my copping history. Blazing fast speeds.
  • Yeezy Supply¬†– Handled waiting room queues reliably during my Region Exclusive 700 cop.
  • Supreme¬†– No issues carting limited box logo hoodies.
  • Footsites¬†– Smooth ordering across Finish Line, Foot Locker, and more.

For the best chance at copping, I recommend using Smartproxy locations like Los Angeles, New York, London, and other major sneaker hubs. But you really can't go wrong choosing any locations with Smartproxy – their global residential network is top notch!

Proxy-Seller – Affordable Sneaker-Focused Proxies

If you're looking for an affordable proxy provider optimized specifically for sneakers, Proxy-Seller is a great choice. Starting at just $10/month for 1GB of traffic, Proxy-Seller is among the cheapest options tailored for sneaker copping. Here are some more key highlights:

  • Residential proxies from locations like¬†USA¬†and¬†Europe¬†ideal for sneakers.
  • Near instant speeds¬†around 1,000ms.
  • Packages for¬†Shopify, Footsites, Yeezy Supply¬†and more.
  • 3-day trial¬†guarantee if proxies don't perform.
  • Helpful customer support via¬†Discord¬†and¬†Telegram.

While Proxy-Seller isn't as blazing fast as Bright Data or as reliable as Smartproxy, the budget pricing makes their sneaker proxies enticing.
In my experience, they've handled sites like Yeezy Supply and Supreme effectively for their low costs. For new sneakerheads on a budget, they are a solid proxy provider to start with.

Their locations are focused on sneaker regions like the US and EU. They offer residential ISP proxies from providers like AT&T, Verizon, Rogers, Deutsche Telecom, and Orange. You can always scale up to a higher-end provider like Smartproxy once you are copping more intensely. But Proxy-Seller is great bang for your buck.

While priced low, Proxy-Seller still provides good speeds around 1,000ms, which is sufficient for sneaker tasks. Reliability is decent at 99% uptime but can't match Smartproxy. For entry-level proxy sneaker copping, though, Proxy-Seller gets the job done on a budget.

Bright Data – Blazing Fast Proxies

If speed is your top priority for sneaker copping proxies, Bright Data is arguably the fastest provider available.

Their backconnect residential proxies clock incredible speeds up to 40Gbps – some of the quickest in the industry.

Here are some other highlights of Bright Data's offering:

  • 99.9% uptime¬†for reliable sneaker cops.
  • Supports all sites, including¬†Shopify¬†and¬†Footsites.
  • HTTP/HTTPS¬†and SOCKS5 proxies available.
  • Offer a¬†free 7-day trial¬†to test with your bot.
  • Used by top sneaker groups like¬†Splash Force.

In my testing, Bright Data proxies blaze through checkout and payment processing before hyped shoes can sell out. They are pricier than most providers, with plans starting around $500/month. But you get what you pay for – the fastest residential proxies money can buy! And they offer a pay-as-you-go plan now, just need $10.5/GB. If speed is what you need above all else, Bright Data can give you the best chance at beating sellouts on the most limited sneaker drops.

Bright Data offers both backconnect residential and static residential proxies tailored for sites like Shopify. Their backconnect proxies are the fastest, ideal for rushing checkout. Bright Data proxies require more technical setup than my other recommendations. You'll need to integrate them into your bot through their API versus browser extensions.

But for savvy users, Bright Data proxies can take your sneaker copping to the next level with their world-class speeds. Just be prepared to pay a premium.

Soax – Fully Customizable Proxies

For full control to customize proxies for your sneaker bot and locations, Soax is a strong choice.

Soax allows you to tailor everything from locations, ISPs, human behavior, and more. Here are some key benefits of Soax for sneakers:

  • 99.99% uptime¬†for reliable sneaker cops.
  • USA and worldwide¬†residential locations.
  • Custom packages¬†with your desired ISPs, sites, and behavior.
  • Unlimited bandwidth¬†on all plans.
  • $1. trial¬†to test out proxies before purchasing.

I like Soax because you can selectively choose locations perfect for upcoming sneaker releases without paying for proxies you don't need. The speeds are still quick at 1,000ms, albeit not as fast as Bright Data. But the uptime and reliability match the best proxy services. For detail-oriented sneakerheads who want maximum control over proxy settings, Soax is a great provider to look into.

The key benefit of Soax is the ability to fully customize your proxy package. When signing up, you can select locations, residential ISPs, sites you want to optimize performance for, and more. Some of the customization options ideal for sneakers include:

  • Locations¬†– Select countries/cities known for limited sneaker releases like the US, UK, Canada, etc.
  • ISPs¬†– Choose national ISPs like Rogers, AT&T, British Telecom. Avoid datacenter IPs.
  • Sticky Sessions¬†– Enable sticky sessions to stay in sneaker queues and raffles.
  • Success Rate¬†– Optimize for sneaker sites like Shopify, Yeezy Supply, etc.

Packages start at $99/month for 15GB of traffic. Soax is pricier than Proxy-Seller but competitive with Smartproxy while offering full control. For a hands-on proxy experience tailored to your sneakers, Soax is a top choice. The customization options make them really stand out.

Proxy-Cheap – Budget Proxies for Tight Budgets

If you're on an ultra-tight budget, Proxy-Cheap has some of the most affordable residential proxy packages starting at just $9/month. Their low pricing makes them tempting, but you'll sacrifice some speed, features, and potentially reliability versus other providers.

Here's an overview:

  • Prices from¬†$4.99/month¬†for 1GB of traffic.
  • Residential proxies from locations like¬†USA and Europe.
  • Average speeds around¬†400ms.
  • Limited sneaker bot integrations.
  • Reported success rates around¬†70%.

For very casual sneaker copping, Proxy-Cheap can potentially get the job done and save you money. But I wouldn't rely on them for the most coveted releases. In my experience, they've worked fine forcopping from some Shopify sites with lighter demand and bot traffic. But on hyped Yeezy drops with hundreds of thousands entering the raffle, I had much better luck with Smartproxy's higher quality residential proxies.

Proxy-Cheap can be worth testing on a budget. Just don't expect the best speeds or highest success rates on the most limited sneaker drops. Their proxies are very much “you get what you pay for”.

Step By Step Guide to Using Shopify Proxies to Cop

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use Shopify proxies:

1. Set up your Shopify App Proxy: Go to the Shopify Partner Dashboard and navigate to the app for which you want to set up the proxy. Click on the “App Settings” tab. Enter the URL for your proxy server in the “URL” field and save the changes.

2. Test the Proxy: Test the proxy by visiting the app proxy URL in your browser. If it doesn't work, you may try with another proxy.

3. Configure your App: App proxies are a way for you to call up your database and your backend server without having to expose your API Keys. This is usually used with theme app extensions so that you don't have to expose your keys.

4. Set up your Proxy Server: The proxy server should be set up to handle requests from the Shopify app. This involves setting up middleware verifications and ensuring that the server is ready to handle requests.

5. Handle Requests: Once the server is set up, you can start handling requests. This involves capturing the entire spectrum of requests and redirecting them to the appropriate pages.

6. Secure your App: It's important to keep your access token secret. If you were to make admin API calls directly from the theme, you would be exposing your access token to everyone.

Key Factors for Picking Sneaker Proxies

Beyond just my top recommendations, here are some key factors you should evaluate when comparing proxy providers:

  • Sneaker-Targeted Locations: The proxy location is critical – you want residential IPs from regions known for big sneaker releases. Visibility into the specific locations and ISPs is important. Datacenter IPs won't cut it for sneakers.
  • Speed: Faster proxies equals faster checkout. For coveted drops, blazing speeds help you beat sellouts and declines. Look for providers touting speeds of at least 500ms (under 1 second). The fastest services like Bright Data offer 40Gbps.
  • Reliability & Uptime: Reliable proxies are key to avoid getting IP banned during drops. Make sure to verify uptime guarantees – look for at least 99% or higher.
  • Bot Integration: Your proxy service should offer easy integration with popular sneaker bots like Kodai, Balko, TSB, etc. API, browser extensions, etc.
  • Success Rates: Proxy providers should disclose success rates specific to sneaker sites based on real user testing. Look for rates of 90%+.
  • Traffic Limits: Entry-level plans often cap bandwidth, which limits your task potential. Look for unlimited bandwidth or at least 1GB+ included.
  • Affordability: Proxy prices can range widely from $10 to $300+ a month. Balance your budget with needs for locations, speed, and usage caps.
  • Customer Support: Reliable support via live chat, Discord, etc. helps troubleshoot any proxy issues during frenzied drops.
  • Free Trials: Testing proxies yourself before purchasing is hugely valuable. Many top providers offer free 3-7 day trials.
  • Residential IP Focus: Avoid datacenter proxies – residential IPs from major ISPs are much more effective for sneaker sites.
  • Using Proxies for Top Sneaker Sites: Now that you know how to pick the best sneaker proxies, let's discuss proxy strategies for some popular sneaker sites and releases.

FAQs About Using Proxies for Sneakers

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about how to use proxies effectively for sneaker sites:

1. What's the best number of tasks/threads to run per proxy?

I recommend 2-3 tasks per residential proxy for optimal performance. Any more risks getting IPs banned.

2. Should I use ISP-specific proxies?

Yes – ISP proxies from major providers like Verizon, AT&T, Rogers, etc are much more effective than datacenter IPs.

3. How can I get Shopify site-specific proxies?

Soax lets you specifically optimize proxy packages for Shopify sites. Proxy-Seller also offers sneaker-focused packages.

4. Are free public proxies OK for sneaker bots?

Avoid free public proxies. They are incredibly slow, get banned constantly, and won't effectively run sneaker bots.

5. What's a good ping time for sneaker proxy servers?

Look for ping times under 100ms for optimal speed. Under 500ms is still reasonable for residential proxies.

6. Can I use the same proxies across different sites?

Yes, top proxy providers work across many sites. Just don't hammer one site with all your different proxies.

7. Should I buy GB or unlimited data plans?

For serious sneaker copping, unlimited plans are preferred so you're not restricted on tasks or data usage.

Wrapping Up

And that covers my deep dive on picking the top proxy providers to elevate your sneaker copping setup! Copping limited sneaker releases manually are ridiculously tough these days. Quality proxies paired with a solid sneaker bot will significantly increase your W ratio.

At the end of the day, any proxies are better than none when it comes to copping coveted kicks! I hope these insights from a fellow sneakerhead are helpful.

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