Top AIO BOT Proxies

Top AIO BOT Proxies

What's up everyone! My name's Clement and in the sneaker world, I'm known as a seasoned botter who eats well on the most hyped of drops. I've been in the game for years now and learned all the tricks of the trade when it comes to using bots to cop limited kicks.

Today I wanted to come on here and share everything I know about one of the most important botting tools we have – proxies. Copping coveted sneakers manually is next to impossible these days with everything selling out instantly. But having the right proxies paired with your AIO bots gives you a major edge against the competition.

However, proxies can also be confusing for beginners to set up and many don't use them correctly. I'll be breaking down everything you need to know to maximize your proxy potential for the W! Let's get into it.

Why Proxies Are Essential for Sneaker Bots

First, I have to emphasize that running sneaker bots without proxies is a recipe for taking L's. Proxies are essential for bypassing the many anti-bot measures that sites like Nike, Adidas, Supreme and Shopify deploy against us. Here's why:

  • Avoid instant IP bans – Sneaker sites track IP addresses and will permanently ban accounts and block IPs that submit too many requests. Proxies allow you to cycle through hundreds of IPs to avoid easy bans.
  • Prevent throttling – Your home internet IP will be throttled to extremely slow speeds during hyped releases. Proxies from datacenters prevent this intentional throttling to level the playing field.
  • Increased success rate – Having more IPs gives you more chances to get through queues and captchas faster before stock sells out. More proxies equals higher checkout success.
  • Stay hidden – Your real home IP stays anonymous so you don't get personally blacklisted. Cop safely under the radar.
  • Access global sites – Proxies can allow you to access sites and products only available in certain countries by routing your IP through them.

According to many veteran botters I've spoken with, proper proxies can easily double or triple your checkout success rate compared to running without them. The stats clearly prove that proxies are mandatory if you want to eat consistently on coveted sneaker drops without taking endless L's.

Top AIO Proxy Sources for Sneaker Sites

After extensive testing and research, I've narrowed down my list to the best all-in-one proxy providers optimized for sneaker bots:

1. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller is a reliable provider of high-speed, uninterrupted proxies for AIO Bot. They offer individual proxies, ensuring that you can use them without worrying about the actions of others leading to negative consequences. Proxy-Seller provides proxies from over 50 countries and approximately 800 subnets.

They offer the option to select proxies based on a specific city or state/region, and they also provide the option to replace proxies once a month if you pay for multiple months. Proxy-Seller's proxies are suitable for automating online shopping, and they can help you avoid IP address blocking and blacklists.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, controls a 72 million residential proxy pool with locations worldwide and 700,000 ISP proxies in more than 50 locations. You can target any country and city or even by ASN and ZIP code.

Bright Data offers both shared and private IPs, with private IPs being great for exclusively targeting specific domains. However, Bright Data is more expensive than most other companies, as its primary customers tend to be big businesses.

3. Soax

Soax claims to be the cleanest, regularly updated proxy pool available exclusively to you, with over 8.5M IPs active worldwide. They provide both residential and mobile proxies and have plans to introduce datacenter proxies as well. Soax provides the most reliable residential proxy service offering genuine, whitelisted IPv4 addresses from all over the world.

These proxies come with 99.99% network uptime, ultra-fast response time, and limitless proxy access. Soax also offers highly reliable mobile proxies from all over the world, allowing you to access any website without the fear of being blocked.

4. Smartproxy

Smartproxy offers residential proxies that work with all major sneaker bots. They allow users to geo-target close to 200 locations around the world and offer two forms of IP sessions – rotating and sticky.

With the rotating version, you get a new IP on every request while the sticky type lets you keep the same IP for a longer period of time. Smartproxy also provides detailed instructions on how to set up their proxies in the All in One (AIO) shoe bot.

5. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-Cheap offers high-speed servers for a variety of online tasks, including web harvesting, data collection, and anonymity. Their sneaker bot proxies easily integrate with popular bots such as SupremeSlayer, AIO Bot, Another Nike Bot, BetterNikeBot, and more.

Proxy-Cheap users can enjoy unlimited connections, and the service provides faster and more reliable access to the Internet and receiving data. The best sneaker proxy allows users to browse the Internet using an IP address from a specific country, which helps to have geo-restricted access to content, anonymity, and localized testing of websites and applications.

Step By Step Guide to Using Proxies for AIO Bot

Using proxies with the All-In-One (AIO) Bot can significantly increase your chances of successfully purchasing limited-edition sneakers from various retail shops. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use proxies with the AIO Bot:

Using proxies with the All-In-One (AIO) Bot can significantly increase your chances of successfully purchasing limited-edition sneakers from various retail shops. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set up and use proxies with the AIO Bot:

Getting the Proxies

1. Log in to your proxy provider's dashboard. Navigate to the Residential – Proxy setup page. You will find the Endpoint generator by scrolling down.
2. Select your Authentication method and Location.
3. Select the Session type.
4. Select the Protocol. If needed, you can change the number of proxies you want right above the generated list on the right side.
5. You can download a list of proxies in .txt or .csv files. Alternatively, you can copy the proxies right from the generated list.

Configuring Proxies on AIO Bot

1. Open the AIO Bot and click on the Proxies tab.
2. Click on +ADD NEW.
3. Enter the name of your proxy list, and check the Is Enabled box.
4. For copping, choose Normal Proxies and paste the generated proxy endpoint list below.
5. If you're using whitelisted IP authentication, it will look like this: `IP:Port`.
6. If you're using username:password authentication, the list should look like this: `IP:Port:Username:Password`.
7. For monitoring, you can select Monitoring Proxies and use the rotating endpoint.
8. Click Save.

Proxy Types Explained

Now that you know why sneaker proxies are so clutch, let's break down the main types available:

Residential Proxies

These proxies come from real home IP addresses of folks who have installed proxy software on their devices to relay traffic in exchange for payment.


  • Very fast speeds since they are home internet connections on fiber or cable
  • Appear as normal residential IPs so sites don't easily detect them
  • Thousand of IPs available across countries


  • Can be unstable as people turn off devices
  • Not as anonymous since IPs can be traced back to individuals

Datacenter Proxies

As the name suggests, these proxies originate from leased servers and IP addresses in professional datacenters.


  • Extremely fast and stable connection speeds (1-10 gbps)
  • No downtime issues like residential IPs
  • High anonymity and security


  • Easily detected by sites due to obvious datacenter IP sources
  • Usually banned very quickly during hyped sneaker releases

Mobile Proxies

Proxies that route through residential mobile data lines and IPs from major carriers.


  • Appear as legitimate mobile user traffic
  • Bypass carrier throttling with mobile IPs
  • Work well for locations with poor residential internet


  • Slower speeds and high latency on congested carrier networks
  • Data usage costs can add up quickly
  • Limited IP availability in some regions

For sneaker sites, residential proxies tend to work best and provide the right balance of speed, anonymity, affordability and reliability. I always recommend residential proxies from quality providers as the first choice for shoe bots.

Now let's dive into the key factors to evaluate when choosing a sneaker proxy provider…

What to Look for in a Sneaker Proxy Provider

Through copping countless hyped drops over the years, I've tested dozens of different proxy sources. Not all providers are created equal and many proxies don't stand a chance on release day.

Here are the main criteria I look for when vetting proxy providers:

Speed & Latency

The #1 priority by far is speed. Fast and stable proxies translate directly into higher checkout success. For sneaker sites, you'll want residential proxies in the 1-10 gbps range for optimal performance. Avoid proxies slower than 100 mbps.

Check reviews and community feedback about average proxy speeds during drops. The fastest proxies usually sell out quickly.

Location Diversity

Having residential proxies from a wide variety of locations is key so you can target the optimal countries and avoid mass bans.

For Shopify sites, US proxies work best. For EU sites, closest EU countries are ideal. Top providers have US, EU, UK, CA and Asia proxies available.

Reliability & Uptime

Nothing hurts more than all your proxies going down right as a drop starts. Make sure providers have redundancy measures to ensure reliable uptime during releases. Check their historical uptime stats.

Reputation & Reviews

Go with established proxy sellers that other botters recommend and praise. Avoid shady new resellers with no community reputation. Brand name providers typically back their services better.


The ability to easily sort and target proxies by specific locations like US, UK, CA, or cities is extremely helpful.

Proxy Cycling

Automatically rotating different proxy IPs with each request is crucial so you don't get flagged for duplicate IPs. Built-in proxy cycling is a major plus.

Proxy Authentication

Username/password authentication is better than IP-only auth which is prone to getting proxies blocked. Make sure providers offer login details for their proxies.

###SOCKS5 Support

SOCKS5 proxy protocol is preferable as it tunnels all your traffic through the proxy IP for better anonymity.

Bot Integration

Easy bot integration through official proxy extension modules, APIs or lists saves tons of setup time. Quick proxy importing is huge.

Mobile Support

Some providers also offer dedicated mobile proxies which are helpful for connecting mobile devices and apps to sneaker sites.

Exceptionally Fast Speeds

Blazing fast gigabit or 10 gbps proxies that far exceed residential speeds give you that extra millisecond advantage you need.

Responsiveness & Uptime

Having responsive 24/7 support via live chat or help tickets in case any proxy issues arise during a drop is essential. Many providers tout support but actually deliver terrible response times when you need help urgently.

Fair Pricing

There are some proxy providers grossly overcharging for the actual speeds and locations you get. Compare pricing tiers carefully based on the features and resources you're actually receiving.

These are the core criteria my team and I use to evaluate new proxy sources. With so many resellers out there, you have to do the legwork to filter out subpar proxies or you'll waste money and take L's.

Next I'll share my list of the top all-in-one proxy providers I recommend for sneaker sites right now…

Optimizing Sneaker Proxies & Bots for Success

Simply buying proxies alone won't make you successful however. You need to properly configure and optimize your bot's proxy settings for the best results.

Here are my top tips:

  • Use proxy cycling – Constantly rotating different proxy IPs is crucial so sites can't easily pin you. Have at least 3x more proxies than tasks.
  • Don't overload proxies – Limit concurrent tasks per proxy or you'll throttle your own proxies with too much traffic. I aim for 1-2 tasks per proxy.
  • Create location groups – Separate your proxies by location so you can easily target one country/city vs spreading them all out randomly.
  • Monitor in real-time – Use a proxy analyzer like ProxyCheck to monitor latency spikes and identify bad IPs to disable.
  • Authenticate carefully – Username/password proxy authentication causes way fewer flags than IP auth. But don't use the same credentials for every proxy or they'll connect the dots.
  • Use proxy delays – Set delays between proxy cycles so you don't spam IP switches too rapidly which can look suspicious. I use 350-500ms delays typically.
  • Target locations wisely – Having proxies closest geographically to Shopify/Footsite server locations will have lower latency.
  • Scale up gradually – When testing new proxy sources, start small with a portion of your bots and scale up as they prove reliable over multiple drops.
  • Have backups ready – Even the best proxies will get clipped eventually. Always have backups like additional ISP lines or more proxy sources you can enable.

Mastering proxies for your sneaker bots takes experience across many releases. Don't get discouraged by initial failed drops. Stay patient, continually tweak your proxy settings, and success will come.

Final Thoughts

That sums up my complete guide to choosing the top AIO bot proxies and configuring them for optimal performance on sneaker sites. I hope all these tips will help you avoid taking painful Ls and eat those coveted limited Ws instead! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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