Our Tips For Buying Verified Nike Snkrs Accounts

Copping on Nike Snkrs is harder and harder. Getting the best bot isn’t what will guarantee you a 100% success rate. Verified Nike Snkrs accounts and good residential proxies will also be important. Here are my tips concerning on how to buy Nike Snkrs accounts for the US & UK.

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Why do I need verified Nike accounts and how do I use them?

Nike SNKRS releases are basically raffles. Nike will give you a very limited time to enter the draw for the product you want in your size, this can be done through their app or website. After the draw is closed they will randomly select winners, who will then automatically be charged.

You can only enter once per account, so having and entering multiple accounts means you are more likely to cop. If you want to enter lots of accounts then you’ll have to use a bot, BNB and Ghost AIO are two of the best bots for this, I will go into more detail about botting Nike SNKRS draws later on in this article. You can also manually enter Nike accounts seeing as sometimes you have 30 mins to enter. When manually entering accounts make sure you use a manual proxy changer as VPNS usually won’t work. 

Using SNKRS accounts with bots

Botting Nike SNKRS is a nightmare at the moment. Nike have been extremely on it with their anti bot protection and have stopped bots from consistently working. Nike use akamai, which has been causing a lot of problems for devs.

Due to this, Nike bots have dropped in price and a lot of people have lost hope for their come back however I think they’ll bounce back eventually. When botting Nike SNKR draws you must make sure to use proxies.

How much are they?

A lot of people get confused about why you have to pay for accounts when you can create them yourself for free. The reason is because you have to verify your phone number in order to enter draws.

You may be able to create a bunch of accounts yourself using your friends and families numbers but in order to really cook you are going to want to enter 200+ accounts. To buy accounts they cost about $2 per account but prices can vary.

What you must know before buying Nike accounts

When buying Nike accounts I highly advise you to avoid accounts verified by Chinese numbers. Accounts verified by a Chinese number will be cheaper but they are a lot more likely to become unverified, which will make them completely useless.

These verified SNKRS accounts have also been known to get filtered out in EU, UK and USA releases. When entering multiple accounts you must also make sure to use different payment methods and addresses. Most people advise mixing it up every 3 verified Nike accounts you enter.

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