Revolut – Best for EU and US

Region: EU + US.

Revolut works in both the United States and Europe, Revolut is one of the largest online card apps on this list as it has over 8 million active users.

To get an unlimited number of virtual cards upgrade to Revolut Premium, otherwise you can still generate disposable cards on the free plan. You’ll need this when trying to get multiple pairs.

Revolut works for every site that sneaker botters use it for, most notably Supreme. Revolut is larger than most of the other companies pertaining to online cards so they always have support waiting which is very helpful.

With the help of Revolut, you can get more hyped items and have more anonymity. 

Using this Revolut link gets you a free physical Revolut card.

Bunq – Recommended for EU

Region: EU

Bunq is the one service on here that has a monthly fee, which is why the majority of sneaker botters avoid it.

Although Bunq has a premium subscription for the cost of €7.99 a month, EU residents can have access to 3 physical cards and up to 5 virtual cards.

These cards have high success rates on websites like Supreme, Footlocker, Cactus Plant Fleamarket, and Bunq works on all sites that MasterCard supports, it works especially well for its physical cards.

Even though Bunq cost money, mainly botters think that it might be worth it to pay the small €7.99 in order to cop more hyped items such as box logos and human races.

Use this link to get started with Bunq.


Region: US

If you are a veteran sneaker botter, you have probably heard of privacy cards being used.

Privacy is famous for having the ability to make as many online cards are you want, privacy recently had significant troubles with Supreme but as of now they doing much better on Supreme and doing great on Supreme restocks.

Privacy also does well on Foot sites, Mesh sites, Shopify sites, Adidas, Nike, and more. Privacy helps United States botters get multiple hyped items to increase their profits every drop.

Using this Privacy link gets you $5 for free when opening an account.

Cash App

Region: US

Unlike the other services listed above, Cash App is not fully an “online card” because when you sign up for Cash App you do get a physical visa debit card, known as your cash card that is directly tied to your bank account.

Cash App is supported on all sites that accept VISA debit cards, this includes Supreme, Shopify, mesh sites, foot sites and more. Additionally, Cash App features “boosts” on their app which are discounts that you can apply to certain retailers, this list has included Supreme, Footlocker, and others with up to a 20% discount.

Using this Cash App link gets you $5 for free when opening an account.


Region: EU

ICard is another Europe exclusive VCC card app that can be found on both the App Store and the Google Play store.

ICard has the ability to make 20 VCC’s for use at one time, while these cards show little success on Supreme, they have success on Shopify websites, they have also had success on Yeezy Supply where users have reported as many of 10+ checkouts with ICard for Yeezy Supply. You are able to cop a lot more sneakers and streetwear with the assistance of ICard’s online cards.

Skrill and Neteller

Region: EU + US

Both Skrill and Neteller are owned by the same group, the Paysafe group which is why I included both of them in the same category.

Skrill and Neteller are nearly identical, Skrill offers a Skrill branded prepaid card that can be linked to a bank account in the US, EU, PL, and GB.

Neteller offers a Net+ card that can generate a different virtual card for each transaction. Skrill has received praise in the sneaker botting community for its success on Supreme in FW18 and SS19, it has been doing well in FW19 but not as well as its competitors such as Cash App.

Likewise to most of the competition, Skrill does well on Shopify, Foot sites, and mesh sites. Neteller is not as popular in the sneaker botting community but for the few people that use it, it has worked well on Shopify, Foot sites, and Supreme. This makes it some of the best virtual credit cards for cooking.


Token has been available on the App Store and Google Play store for users in Europe for over a year now and is coming to the United States soon. Token advertises that it works on every site, and this is mostly true as Token has great success with websites such as Yeezy Supply and Kith.

For people that live in the EU, Token can be very beneficial although it is designed to only have one card per store, making it hard to cop multiples over time.

Token has shown success on Shopify and Foot sites regardless of the one card per store rule, this makes it possible for the user’s to get more pairs of the desired shoe they want, especially on Yeezy Supply which is why it is one of the Best Online Cards For Cooking.


This last entry might be the easiest, yet the least known method to sneaker botters. Many mainstream banks such as Citibank, Bank of America, Capital One and more banks have the option to generate online cards straight from your mobile app. These online cards also offer great support due to them being backed by some of the largest banks in the world, you can always call or email your bank aksing whether you can purchase a certain item through your online card. If they say yes, then you are ready to cop some awesome items.

Why you need online virtual credit cards for botting?

With the recent surge of sneaker botting in the last couple years, if you want to cop multiple pairs of shoes from a website that only allows single checkouts, or if you want to just want to minimize the information you share at retailers such as Supreme and Palace.

Whether it is your card being banned from certain retailers, ensuring safety with slot providers, or other reasons, having an online/virtual card can be the solution to these problems.

An online card is a temporary credit or debit card that is directly tied to a bank account. These can be set up online or on a mobile device. It is important to note that these numbers are not physical credit cards, yet just card numbers.

Online cards can be very safe as you can usually set a maximum spending amount on each card as well as lock it to a specific retailer, both will enhance the safety of your data in case a website like Footlocker was breeched.

Online cards are also very easy to close, usually, it just takes a couple of clicks. So here come the best virtual credit cards online.

Summary of the best virtual credit card

The advantages of online cards, whether they are for privacy benefits, or to avoid cancellations on sites like Yeezysupply or to stop getting declined on sites like Supreme, are numerous. If you are looking to get an online debit card for cooking then these are your best virtual credit card options.

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