Supreme Proxies For Sneaker Copping

Top Supreme Proxies For Sneaker Copping

As a hardcore sneakerhead and Supreme reseller for over 5 years, I've used my fair share of bots and proxies to cop the most coveted hype drops. After countless successes and failures, I've learned the ins and outs of proxy setups and want to share my experiences with you.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll get my complete breakdown of the best Supreme proxies for running sneaker bots, how to optimize them for maximum checkout rates, and tips to avoid bans when going for limited releases. Let's get started!

My Background as a Supreme Sneaker Reseller

I first started botting Supreme drops back in 2018 purely as a hobby. I was mainly going for box logo tees and collabs I wanted to wear personally. After cooking up a few extra pieces with my early primitive bot and proxy setup, I listed them on resale sites and realized there was serious profit potential.

Fast forward to today, and I've now cooked thousands of dollars worth of rare Supreme items including Box Logo Hoodies, TNF Collabs, and some of the most coveted sneaker releases like the Supreme x Louis Vuitton, Supreme x CDG, and more.

The resell profits from these cops have paid for my entire sneaker collection and then some! I now run multiple Supreme bots weekly using an optimized network of proxies for the best possible checkout rates.

While I don't condone reselling purely for profit, I believe using bots and proxies in moderation is justified when you just want to cop what you'll personally wear. Let's get into how proxies make this possible.

Why Proxies Are 100% Necessary for Supreme Botting

Proxies are essential for running any kind of bot or automation on Supreme's site. Without them, you'd never cop a single item.

Here's why:

  • IP Bans¬†– Supreme actively monitors traffic and immediately IP bans any bots or suspicious activity from an address. Proxies allow rotating IP evasion.
  • Queue Bypassing¬†– Supreme uses waiting rooms that require unique IPs to bypass. Proxies let your tasks cut in front.
  • Terms of Service¬†– Bots break Supreme's ToS, so proxies hide your identity to avoid Account Bans. Manual users don't need proxies.
  • Location Spoofing¬†– Supreme EU requires EU billing/shipping. Proxies unlock any region by masking your location.

As you can see, there's no botting Supreme successfully without using proxies. Now let's look at the best proxy providers specifically optimized for Supreme and other sneaker sites.

Top Supreme Proxy Providers Compared

Through extensive testing over the years, I've narrowed down the best proxies sources for Supreme botting. Here's how the top contenders compare based on key factors:

Supreme Proxy Comparison Chart

ProviderLocationsSuccess RatesPricingTrial
Proxy-SellerUS, EU99%From $10/GB3 Days
SmartproxyGlobal98%From $8.5/GBNo
Bright DataGlobal (every country)99%From $15/GB7 Days
SoaxUS only97%From $99/mo for 15GB$1.99
NetNutUS, EU, other major countries95%From $350/mo for 20GBYes


Proxy-Seller has been my go-to for years thanks to their reliable US and EU proxy networks with 99% uptime. Their pool contains 15+ million of residential IPs perfect for Supreme cops. I've used Proxy-Seller with every major sneaker bot including Sole, Cyber, Balko, and more without issues. They support convenient API integration.

In my experience, Proxy-Seller proxies are fast, automatically rotate IPs with each request, and rarely get banned even during the most hyped releases. For US & EU Supreme bots, they can't be beaten.


For worldwide Supreme releases, Smartproxy is a great choice thanks to its expansive network of residential IPs spanning over 195 countries. I've used them successfully for EU and Asia Supreme drops multiple times.

Their proxies are lightning fast – up to 1Gbps speeds, which is perfect for beating hype drop sellouts. Smartproxy also has great bot support and 99% uptime. It has low minimum purchase requirements, with plans starting at $8.5/GB.

Bright Data

If your goal is to cook on every Supreme site globally, then Bright Data is worth the high price of admission. Their pool of over 72 million residential IPs covers every country for full worldwide support.

Beyond their massive IP network, Bright Data proxies also offer excellent speeds and integration support with all sneaker bots. Their IPs automatically rotate to avoid bans. Just like Smartproxy, Bright Data has a pay-as-you-go plan, starting at $15/GB for ISP proxy.


SOAX's ISP Proxies stand out as a top choice for sneaker enthusiasts targeting Supreme releases. Offering 2.6M top-performing US ISP proxies, SOAX provides rotating proxies with sessions lasting up to 24 hours, ensuring that users have a seamless and efficient copping experience.

Their pricing is competitive, with plans starting at $1.99 for full features and ranging from $6.6/GB for the ISP 15 plan to $2.2/GB for the ISP 5,000 plan. Endorsed by notable names like Forbes and Techradar, SOAX guarantees long sessions, fast and anonymous scraping, and a growing IP pool with unparalleled support, making it an essential tool for Supreme sneaker copping.


NetNut's ISP Proxies are a game-changer for sneaker enthusiasts aiming for Supreme releases. With over 1M ISP IPs, direct connectivity for rapid response, and reduced block rates, they offer an unparalleled advantage in the competitive world of sneaker copping. Whether you're a casual collector or a professional reseller, NetNut ensures a seamless and efficient copping experience.

Step By Step Guide to Using Supreme Proxies to Cop

Using Supreme Proxies to cop limited-edition Supreme items involves several steps. Here's a step-by-step guide :

Step 1: Choose the Right Proxies

The best Supreme proxies are residential proxies, as they use residential IP addresses from actual devices, making your bot appear as a “real” user. This makes it harder for websites to recognize that you're using a bot and ban you. When choosing proxies, consider factors such as speed, reliability, and location. Proxies that are close to Supreme's server locations are ideal. Also, ensure that the proxies offer high-level encryption for data safety and have a strong customer support system.

Step 2: Get the Proxies

Log in to your dashboard and navigate to the Residential – Proxy setup page. You will find the Endpoint generator by scrolling down. Select your Authentication method and Location. Select the Session type. Select the Protocol. If needed, you can change the number of proxies you want right above the generated list on the right side. You can download a list of proxies in .txt or .csv files. Alternatively, you can copy the proxies right from the generated list.

Step 3: Configure Proxies on Supreme Bot

For every thread in Supreme Bot, you have the option to allocate one proxy. Add a single proxy from the generated proxy endpoint list in the following format: endpoint:portnumber:user:pass (e.g.

Step 4: Stay Updated and Test Regularly

Keep an eye on Supreme’s release schedule. Being late means missing out. Regular tests ensure everything is running smoothly when it counts.

Step 5: Use a Bot

Using a bot is crucial for success in copping Supreme items. The bot should be set to automatically copy your system’s proxy settings. Google Chrome is recommended for this as it automatically does this.

Step 6: Execute

When the drop time comes, execute your bot. With the right setup and timing, you should be able to cop the items you want.

Optimizing Proxies for Supreme Bots

Simply buying proxies alone isn't enough – you need to properly optimize them for the best possible performance with your sneaker bots. Here are my key tips for integration and configuration based on extensive testing:

  • Use Multiple Providers¬†– Blend proxies from 2 sources for more variety. If one gets banned, you have backups.
  • Assign Proxy Groups¬†– Organize your proxies into different groups and assign each bot task a specific group to distribute traffic.
  • Swap Proxy Groups¬†– Rotate your tasks to new proxy groups halfway through drops to further spread activity.
  • Monitor Performance¬†– Watch for bans, timeouts, errors. Remove any faulty proxies immediately.
  • Tune Bot Settings¬†– Adjust your bot's proxy rotation speed, retry limits, delays and checkout modes for your proxy setup.
  • Consider Location¬†– For Supreme NYC, Northeast residential proxies from Proxy-Seller give me an edge.
  • Renew IPs Regularly¬†– Buy new proxy plans monthly to keep your IP pool fresh and avoid reusing flagged IPs.

Take the time to test and find your perfect proxy configurations for each bot. It takes work but drastically improves your Supreme COPs.

Integrating Proxies with Sneaker Bots

Once you've chosen your proxy providers, you need to properly integrate them with your chosen Supreme bot. Here are the main methods:

  • API Integration¬†– The best way. Lets bots interact with providers directly to grab new IPs seamlessly. Proxy-Seller, Smartproxy and most major providers offer API access.
  • Browser Extension¬†– Browser plugins like¬†Leaf¬†allow easy proxy configuration by group, location, etc. Works great for Footsites.
  • Local Proxy Files¬†– You can also manually create text files of your proxies and point your bot to load them. More tedious but can work.

For easiest setup, I recommend API integration so your bots can automatically pull new proxies directly as needed. Proxy-Seller has the most seamless API process I've used.

Key Proxy Types for Supreme Botting

Beyond just choosing a good provider, it's crucial to understand the main proxy types available to pick the best for your needs and bots:

Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are the most common type used for sneaker bots because they originate from real home IPs in their specified location. Supreme blocks datacenter IPs, so residential mimicking home connections are required to avoid instant flagging. Their main downside is slower speeds compared to datacenter. Expect 20-100 Mbps vs 1 Gbps+ for datacenter proxies.

Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies offer blazing speeds of 1Gbps or higher which is great for beating sellouts. However, Supreme bans datacenter IPs making them ineffective for hype releases. I only recommend using datacenter proxies for Supreme tasks like analytics, monitoring inventory and product research. Never for actual checkouts.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are residential IPs assigned to cellular carriers and tablets/phones instead of home ISPs. They can technically work for Supreme but have higher ban risks. Mobile IPs are best for social media marketing, scraping and basic copping. For hyped Supreme, dedicated residential proxies are stronger.

Static vs Rotating Proxies

Proxies come in static (non-rotating) and rotating varieties. Rotating residential proxies are always preferable for Supreme to automatically shuffle your IP address with each request. This prevents easy banning. Static proxies increase your risk of getting flagged for reuse. Occasional manual rotation can help, but automatic rotation is ideal.

Authentication Methods

There are two main methods proxies use for authentication when integrated with bots:

  • IP Authorization¬†– Your bot's IP is whitelisted to access the proxy provider's network directly. Simple but less secure.
  • Username/Password¬†– You're assigned unique login credentials to access your proxy group. More secure and allows port sharing.

I prefer username/password proxies for safety, except when using provider APIs that authenticate via IP already. Both methods work fine.

Residential Proxy Locations

When buying residential proxies, location matters a lot for Supreme. You want to match your proxy location as close to the Supreme site you're targeting for maximum checkout speed.

For example, Proxy-Seller's US Supreme Residential proxies work best for me cooking on the NYC store and Supreme US site. EU proxies are ideal for EU stores. Japanese proxies for Supreme Japan, etc. Ping time and connection stability improve with proximate locations.

Analyzing Proxy Performance with Bot Tools

To really master proxy copping for Supreme, you need to monitor their real-time performance and be ready to troubleshoot issues instantly. Proxy management tools like Leaf, ProxyManager and AbsoluteTools allow you to analyze metrics like:

  • Successful vs failed checkout rates
  • Specific proxy IP successes/failures
  • Causes for declines or errors
  • Proxy response times
  • Banned/blacklisted proxy IPs

By stay on top of proxy analytics, you can identify and replace any IPs that get banned, keeping your bot running smoothly even on the most hyped Supreme drops.

Monitoring also helps you fine tune bot delays, proxy rotation intervals, retry limits and other settings for peak performance. Don't skip this crucial step.

Safely Using Bots – Some Legal Caveats

Before wrapping up, I need to stress that using bots on Supreme is done at your own legal risk. Botting expressly violates Supreme's Terms of Service and could carry serious penalties if pursued. While unlikely for individuals, it's important to note that botting for commercial reselling at scale does carry legal risks. I provide this guide for educational purposes only and urge responsible, ethical use.

Bots can give an unfair advantage over the average user and should be used in moderation. There are no guarantees you'll successfully cook coveted releases. Patience and accepting losses is part of the game.

Key Takeaways from a Seasoned Bot User

Let's recap my main tips for running Supreme bots safely and successfully:

  • Invest in reputable¬†residential proxy providers¬†optimized for sneaker sites. Smartproxy, Bright Data and Proxy-Seller are my top picks.
  • Understand the¬†different proxy types¬†and authentication methods to choose the best for your needs and bots.
  • Integrate and configure proxies¬†seamlessly with your chosen sneaker bot for optimal performance. API integration is best.
  • Analyze proxy analytics¬†in real-time during drops and troubleshoot bans immediately to stay running.
  • Rotate proxy IPs¬†frequently by purchasing new plans every month. Avoid reusing flagged IPs.
  • Remember botting has risks so use¬†ethically¬†in responsible moderation. Follow my advice to avoid issues.

When used properly, proxies are the key to seriously stepping up your rare Supreme and sneaker COP rates. I hope this guide helps you cook like never before this season!

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