How To Know If You Have The Best Proxies For Nike Snkrs?

In this article you’ll find out how to be sure you got the right Nike SNKRS proxies. 

Nike SNKRS releases are similar to raffles. Nike will usually give you 30 mins to enter and then they randomly select winners. People use bots to mass enter into these draws, increasing their chances of winning. 

Residential or Data centre proxies? What proxies for Nike Snrks?

If you are unfamiliar with residential and data centre proxies then you should read these articles before continuing.

For Nike SNKRS I would recommend only using Residential proxies as Nike are very strict on banning proxies. You have plenty of time to enter the draw so fast DC proxies are not needed.

Make sure your Nike SNKRS proxies are not not clipped (banned)

One of the biggest factors you need to consider when buying proxies is that they are not banned on the site you want to bot.

On the proxy providers website they should mention the sites they work on, if they don’t, stay clear. Once you have your proxies you can double check they aren’t clipped by testing them.

A free proxy tester tool I would recommend is FOGLDN, which you can download for free on their website.

Speeds: Not an important point for Nike Snkrs drop

For Nike SNKRS draws speed does not matter at all, you have plenty of time to enter.All what really matters is that your Nike Snkrs proxies aren’t banned.

Reliability, watch out for down times

Some providers will have down times in which the proxies will not work, this can mean you could miss out on a really important drop. This is why it’s important to get your proxies from a reliable provider.

The perfect solution 

Here at BotsThatWork we saw a gap for fast, reliable, unbanned and fairly priced residential proxies. So that’s why we set up . All our proxies are unbanned on Footsites, Shopify, Adidas and Nike with speeds around 700-800ms.

We guarantee no down times and the most affordable price on the market.

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