How To Resell A Sneaker Bot: Our Best Tips For Putting Your Bot For Sale

Reselling a sneaker bot online can be very scary for a beginner because of the high cost of most bots and the amount of online scammers out there looking to steal your money. However, if done correctly, in most cases putting up a sneaker bot for sale can be done 100% safely and risk free. 

Marketplaces to resell your sneaker bot

In my opinion the best way to resell a sneaker bot is through a marketplace using a middleman. A middleman is a trained admin who ensures that the deal goes smoothly. If the bot is unbindable then the middleman will take access of the bot and then give the green light for the buyer to pay, once the seller confirms he received the payment the middleman then passes the bot over. This makes sure that no one can be scammed.

The best market places for buying and putting your sneaker bot for sale are BotMart, Tidal, Botbroker and of course in our discord server. Some bots cannot be unbinded though which means they can’t be safely middlemaned.

Social media at your own risk

Selling on social media can help you reach a bigger audience. Twitter and reddit are full of sellers and buyers. When selling like this it is A LOT more risky though, there are a lot more scammers out there as there’s no MM. A lot of people use refs to prove they’re legit, I wouldn’t trust someone just because they have refs though  as they can easily be faked or they could be a selective scammer. I would suggest finding a buyer and then taking the deal to a marketplace and using a MM. If they don’t want to do this, chances are they are a scammer.

How to list your sneaker bot for sale

If using a marketplace it is very simple to list your bot. Simply go to the relevant channel and type the bot name, price and expiration (if it’s a renewal copy). Some key terms that you’ll need to know are:

What bots can be resold?

Pretty much every bot can resold. A very small amount of bots do not allow reselling and will make this very clear to you but other than that, basically every bot can be sold. If you can unbind the discord (unlink it from your account) then you can use a middleman to sell, otherwise there has to be an element of trust in the trade.

Some bots can be reset with just the purchase email and key, this means any previous owners can reset the key and use the bot. Eve and TKS use a key reset system like this. You can still sell and buy these bots, just be sure to deal with a trusted person. IF IT SEEMS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE – IT PROBABLY IS! 

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