In the world of reselling, sneaker bots are more relevant right now then they have ever been. But do they actually work?

To be blunt, yes they do. People cop items daily using sneaker bots and make tons of profit, however it isn’t as simple as buying a sneaker bot and getting guaranteed success. 

The best step towards successful botting is downloading this free “Shoe Botting Ultimate Checklist”, it will give you a step by step guide to getting you on the path to plenty of check outs of limited items.

do sneaker bots work

45 Actionable Items & Tips in (1) ultimate botting checklist.

Using proxies with a bot that works

When utilized properly, proxies can massively increase your chances of success. Proxies can be used to send lots of requests to websites without getting banned. This means you can run a lot more tasks. Proxies can also help you mass enter queues and raffles successfully. We have created a dedicated website where you can access the best priced sneaker proxies on the market.

The quality of your proxies also matter, making sure your proxies are fast and unbanned on the sites you want to bot is very important. You can still get success without proxies on some sites though, you can run up to 10 tasks on local host. 

Cook groups can be useful

Cook groups aren’t 100% necessary but they can increase your success. Cook groups provide you with with: early information, site lists, guides, groupbuys, 1 on 1 support and lots more. All of these are extremely helpful to a beginner and being in a cook group can drastically increase your success if you are a new. The monitors in the groups are also very handy, they will notify you about any shock drops or restocks and put you ahead of everyone else. Cook groups are still helpful for experienced botters too as they will still give you lots of information that will help you cook. There are loads of cook groups out there and they are normally about $50 a month. The best ones are sold out, meaning you’ll have to pay resale price for a membership.

1 on 1 tutoring for beginners

1 on 1 tutoring is when an experienced bot user will teach you how to bot. This can be done in several ways like: over a call, watching him bot live, letting him set up your bot for you or over messages. 1 on 1 tutoring is a very good way for beginners to learn botting.

Experience is still the most important

Finally, and the factor that I think is most important is experience. With experience will come success. You’ll learn from your mistakes and start to understand botting a lot better. Trying to cop every hyped release and learning from mistakes is arguably the best way to learn. Just like with everything in life practise makes perfect. 

American sneakerhead with over two years of copping experience. Mostly reselling on Stadium and Fight Club, but his own store is on the verge of opening soon.

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