What Proxies To Use On Adidas For The Best Performance?

Adidas proxies can be tricky, but read on to know how to get them right.

Botting Adidas usually involves entering a splash page. The splash page is a waiting room where everyone waits while Adidas randomly select people to be passed through and onto the product page, from here you have 10 minutes to check out.

This release type means that bots can’t just be super fast and checkout, you have to enter the splage page and get lucky. People use bots on Adidas to mass enter the splash page, thus increasing their chances of being let through.

Residential or Data center proxies for Adidas?

If you are unfamiliar with residential and data center proxies then you should read these articles before continuing. 

https://botsthatwork.com/tips/resi-proxies-sneakers/ https://botsthatwork.com/tips/residential-vs-datacenter-dc-proxies-sneakers/

For Adidas I would recommend you only use Residential proxies. Adidas are really on point with banning Data centre proxies and speed doesn’t matter so Resi’s are fine.

Always check if your Adidas proxies are banned

You must always make sure that your proxies are working on the sites you want to bot. The provider should state the sites they work on, if they don’t then I wouldn’t take the risk buying from them. Most Adidas proxies are supposed to work on Nike Snkrs.

Speed does not matter for your Adidas proxies

For Adidas splash releases (the main way limited shoes are released on Adidas), speed does not matter at all. All what matters is that they are not clipped. Make sure of that with your proxy provider.

Reliability: Avoid down time

When buying proxies you want to make sure they are reliable and won’t be down when you want to use them.Aim anywhere close to 99% Up Time when buying Adidas proxies from you provider.

We’ve got you covered.

At BotsThatWork we supply high quality proxies that are unbanned on Nike, Shopify, Adidas and Footsites at a fraction of the cost of other providers proxies. If you’re interested check it out at https://btwproxy.io/

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