A resi proxy is a proxy that uses an IP address provided by an Internet Service Provider, not a data center. Residential proxies are slower than data centre but Resi’s are a lot more likely to work and not be banned.

How do resi proxies work?

Every Resi proxy is linked to a physical address, this is why Resi’s are less likely to be banned then data centres. You can get rotating and static (aka sticky) residential proxies, rotating proxies rotate different IP’s from a proxy pool so stores will be tricked into thinking you are multiple people.

An example of when rotating are used is for monitoring sites or running restocks. If a site can see the same IP is constantly refreshing, you are likely to get banned, by using rotating proxies the requests will come from different IP’s. Static proxies stay the same the whole time, when botting statics are most commonly used.

What sites do Residential proxies work best on?

Sites that have drops like Nike Snkrs, Adidas Splash, Shopify queues and any other type of queue system that doesn’t require you to be as fast as possible. These releases last a lot longer so sites have a lot more time to filter out bots and clip proxies, this is why it’s important to have good quality Residential proxies.

Resi proxies VS Data Centre proxies

As mentioned earlier. Resi proxies are slower than data centre proxies, for drops that require speed it is usually best to run mainly DC proxies with a few Residential’s. However, for drops that speed isn’t important in, Residential’s are the best option. Supreme, Footsites and most Shopify drops require speed so using DC proxies is recommended. Read about the difference in our other article “Residential vs. Datacenter Proxies for Sneaker bots“.

Personal experience 

I have had a lot of success with residential proxies and due to the importance of them in botting I will always be using them. My favourite Resi providers are Blank and Leaf, however I have not tried many other providers as I’m happy with my current providers. There may be faster and more reliable providers out there.

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