How to Buy a Supreme Bot: The 2023 Expert Guide

Are you tired of taking endless Ls on Supreme's website when trying to buy their ultra-limited collabs and pieces? As a longtime reseller and bot user, I'm here to walk you through the entire process of acquiring and configuring your own Supreme checkout bot.

These automated bots immensely increase your chances of copping on those tricky Thursday morning drops – if set up properly. This comprehensive guide will provide tips from proxy selection to pool profiles to checkout strategies so you can finally start cooking up consistent Ws.

What Are Bots and Why Are They Essential for Supreme?

First, what exactly is a bot? These are automated programs that are designed to speed through checkout processes faster than any human could. They work by automatically filling in your billing details, shipping address, and payment info within milliseconds.

This lightning-fast performance is crucial for limited Supreme releases, where items sell out literally within seconds. Trying to manually checkout fast enough, even on a great internet connection, simply won't cut it anymore. Top bots checklist and submit the order details for you almost instantly.

Bots are available on three main platforms – phone/IOS, Android, and desktop. Desktop bots tend to be the most effective for Supreme since its website is optimized for desktop. Popular desktop bots include Velox, Kodai, Ganesh, Wrath, and more.

Main Benefits of Bots:

  • Automated checkout in under 1 second, before products sell out
  • Simultaneous multithreaded tasks like opening product pages
  • Ability to run multiple instances/profiles to increase success rate
  • Bypass waiting rooms and product page queues
  • Built-in proxy support to avoid IP bans
  • Easy setup of billing/shipping profiles for checkout

Using a bot also requires some additional setup and costs like proxies and server locations. But it can make the difference between taking only Ls and cooking up consistent Ws on the latest collabs.

Bot Options: Rentals vs Purchasing

The first step is deciding whether you want to rent a bot or purchase it outright. Renting is ideal for new users to test out different bots before fully committing. Rental terms are typically 1 week to 1 month, and pricing can range from $30-$150 depending on the bot.

Renting gives you flexibility to switch between the top bots and see which one works best for your needs. You don't have to stress as much about bans or having the perfect proxy setup. Of course, renting will be more expensive long term versus purchasing.

Purchasing a bot is best for serious, long-term use. The costs are higher upfront, typically $300-$1000 depending on type and copies available. But you'll have full permanent access versus renting every month.

Owning the bot also lets you take the time to configure it specifically for your proxies, profiles, and strategies without wasting rental time. However, replacing a banned bot is costly. Overall, purchasing is ideal if you plan to cook hard long term.

Bot Selection Guide and Features Comparison

Choosing the right bot depends on your budget, features needed, and level of experience. Here is a comparison of the top desktop bots used for Supreme:

BotPriceProxiesSuccess RateSpeedSupportNotes
Velox$500+UnlimitedHighExtremely FastExcellentTop choice for speed and consistency
Kodai$1,000+UnlimitedHighVery FastGoodReliable successor to Ghost, expensive
Ganesh$200-$4004-6 MaxModerateFastDecentBudget-friendly, limited proxy support
Wrath$800+UnlimitedHighExtremely FastExcellentMade by Prism devs, great for clothing
** Cyber**$500UnlimitedModerateFastLimitedDecent alternative, can be buggy

This table shows a sample of the most popular choices, but new bots are constantly coming out as well. I recommend joining Discord cook groups related to Supreme to stay on top of the latest bot options.

Acquiring a Bot – Where to Purchase

Once you've settled on a bot, it's time to obtain a copy. Never try downloading free or cracked versions – these will either be scams or get you banned immediately. The key is buying from a reputable reseller or bot company.

  • Direct from Bot Company:¬†Some companies like Velox will sell direct copies through their Discord or site. This ensures legitimacy but stocks are limited.
  • Specialist Reseller Sites:¬†These sites like BotMart or BotBroker specialize in sales of various bots. Convenient but can have marked up prices and more risk of banned copies.
  • Cook Groups:¬†Joining a group and networking with members is a great way to find bot sellers and copies. More trust and better prices.
  • Individual Resellers:¬†You can often find sellers in cook groups or marketplaces like eBay and Craigslist. Be very cautious of scams though.

When buying secondhand or from a reseller, make sure to verify it's not a banned copy that could get you blacklisted too. Ask for screenshots showing it's working and request temporary login to double check. Only buy from sellers with reputable feedback.

I highly recommend joining a dedicated Supreme cook group to access the best info on legit bot sources and proxy hookups. Don't cheap out or rush into a sketchy free bot – getting a working, unbanned copy is crucial.

Proxy Setup

To run your bot safely and effectively, you absolutely need to use proxies. A proxy acts as an intermediary server that hides your true IP address. This prevents Supreme from easily detecting and banning your bot via the IP.

Proxies also allow you to create and simultaneously run multiple task profiles or “pool profiles” from different locations. This multiples your chances per drop, like having 10 people going for you vs just 1.

There are generally two main proxy types:

  • Datacenter Proxies:¬†These are super fast residential proxies hosted in a datacenter. Great ping speeds under 50ms but more expensive. Ideal for clothing releases where speed is everything.
  • Residential Proxies:¬†Proxies hosted on real residential ISPs and homes. Slightly slower at 100-200ms but cheaper and great for avoiding bans. The go-to for accessories and limited items.

I recommend a blend – residential proxies for your main/lifeline profiles to help avoid detection plus some super fast datacenters for your speed profiles. Shopify sites ban fast, so residential IPs are a must.

You'll generally want 1 proxy per profile as a minimum, though some bots support more. For proxies, I recommend groups like HexNotify, Leaf, and Solespire. Never buy cheap unknown proxies or reuse old ones that are likely burned. Expect to pay $50-$100+ monthly for solid private proxies. This is just part of the game.

Make sure to set up your bots' proxy lists and assign profiles correctly. Test them thoroughly before a big drop. Don't forget to occasionally rotate them out too to avoid future bans.

Bot Setup and Configuration

Once you've acquired a working copy and sorted your proxies, it's time to dive into properly configuring your new bot. While each will be a little different, some key steps apply to all:

  • Setup Payment Profiles:¬†Create or import your payment profiles including full billing details, shipping addresses, and card info. Many bots allow automatically generating and filling profiles using profile generator sites.
  • Create Keywords List:¬†Make a list of keywords related to your target items like box logo, hoodie, tee in Supreme's case. This helps the bot quickly identify and open product pages.
  • Assign Proxies to Profiles:¬†Connect your various datacenter and residential proxy servers to specific profiles for optimal performance.
  • Link Discord Webhook:¬†This allows the bot to send real-time checkout notifications to your Discord server for easy monitoring.
  • Set Delay and Checkout Speed:¬†Configure optimal checkout delays and autofill speed. You want it as fast as possible without triggering anti-bot protection. Start higher at 3-5 sec and tweak down as needed.
  • Enable Captcha Solving Function:¬†Most bots come built in with captcha solving to handle Supreme's bot protection. Make sure this is active.
  • Test on Restocks:¬†Thoroughly test your bot, proxies, and profiles using a practice drop or restock before taking it live. Work out any kinks so your setup is primed for a big Thursday release.

Patience and tweaking will be required to get it performing optimally and cooking consistently. Don't hesitate to reach out to your bot's Discord community for assistance too if needed.

Copping Strategies and Maximizing Wins

Simply having an advanced bot setup will dramatically increase your Supreme copping potential. But there are some additional strategies I recommend implementing to maximize your wins:

  • Run Multiple Bots/Profiles:¬†Don't rely on just one bot or profile – set up multiple instances and profiles across different location proxies and bots to multiply your success chances per drop.
  • Use Ping Tests to Determine Fastest Proxies:¬†Check your various datacenter and residential proxies' speeds to Supreme's site and assign the fastest ones to your most important profiles. Speed is critical.
  • Have Multiple Payment Methods Ready:¬†Set up profiles with different payment options like PayPal, different credit cards, and virtual cards as backups in case of declines.
  • Use Browser Extensions to Auto-Fill Captcha:¬†Extensions like hCaptcha Solver will auto-solve captcha challenges from Supreme to save valuable seconds. Most bots have built-in solvers as well.
  • Prepare Early and Be Ready on Thursday:¬†Get your bots loaded, proxies tested, and profiles prepared well in advance on Wednesday. You need to be ready the minute the new drop goes live.
  • Don't Rely on the Latest Hyped Item:¬†While it's tempting, don't put all your focus on just the super hype collabs. Go for more standard colorways as well for better chances.

Following these tips and running a well-configured bot setup makes taking home consistent Ws on Supreme's weekly Thursday drops very achievable.

Avoiding Bans and Maintaining Your Bot

Now that you're cooking up dubs, you want to ensure your bot keeps working for the long haul. Here are some best practices to employ:

  • Regularly Clear Cookies, Cache, Local Data:¬†Wipe your bot's browsing data before each release to minimize unique fingerprints for Supreme to detect.
  • Don't Overuse Proxies:¬†Rotate your IP addresses and avoid running them into the ground on pointless tasks. Keep your proxy usage specific and limited.
  • Update Your Bot Frequently:¬†Upgrade to the latest version whenever the developers release a new one to stay ahead of Supreme's bot protection updates.
  • Use Separate Browser Profiles:¬†Create dedicated browser profiles solely for your bot to avoid contamination from your normal web use. Keep these profiles super clean.
  • Avoid Using Bots on Mobile Devices:¬†Mobile browsers and apps have much stricter bot detection. Stick to desktop only for the safest Supreme bot running.
  • Join Retail Botting Discords:¬†Stay looped into the latest anti-bot measures and tips from Shopify experts to keep your success rate high.

With constant software updates from Supreme, keeping your bot undetected requires vigilance. But following these precautions will let you keep copping those coveted pieces week after week.

Final Thoughts on Running a Supreme Bot

That covers everything you need to know about getting set up with a Supreme bot from purchasing to proxies to copping strategies. While it does require some investment and learning, the results are well rewarding.

Having a properly configured desktop bot like Velox or Kodai with dedicated proxies virtually guarantees you a regular Supreme success rate over 50%, often approaching 100% on certain releases.

No more wasting hours trying to beat the masses with a manual checkout. With this expert Supreme botting guide, you'll be able to consistently purchase even the most limited collabs and flip for major profits week after week. Let me know if you have any other questions – it's a rewarding journey!

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