An all in one (AIO) bot is a bot that supports multiple sites incuding sneaker and supreme bots. In this article I will be going over the top 5 cheapest all in one bots(sneaker and Supreme) that are on the market right now. They are not ranked in any order.

These rankings are based on their price, performance and success alone. It doesn’t take into account the number of supported sites, user interface (UI) and such.

cheap sneaker bots

DISCLAIMER: All information are accurate as of written date (4th April 2020). They are also of personal opinions, so do not take everything word for word.

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Eve AIO a cheap and good sneaker bot

EveAIO is an all in one bot that supports a decent amount of sites and has quite a good amount of success. However, it is quite inconsistent. Eve used to be a very good bot that has copped really well in the past. However, recently, it hasn’t been doing as well. Sometimes it will cook releases, sometimes it will flop. However, with that said, Eve is still generally a great AIO bot in overall for its price.

Eve supports Shopify, Supreme, footsites and more. Eve currently retails at $400 with no renewal fee. All copies sold are lifetime, making it one of the cheapest bots on the market. However, you can also grab yourself a copy off resell at below $400. Make sure the copy you are buying comes with email access and discord access or you might be vulnerable to scams.

All in all, EveAIO is a great bot for its price. What’s more? Eve 2.0 is coming soon which will bring in more features, a new and improved UI, and of course, better performance! 


Sole AIO a cheap Shopify bot

SoleAIO is an all in one bot that supports Shopify, Adidas, Supreme, Footlocker, Magneto sites and more. Sole is easy to use and displays a very clean, neat and easy to use UI which sets it apart from other bots, making it popular among botters. Sole has been very consistent especially with Adidas splash releases. In fact, with the right proxies and usage, it can cook almost every release. 

Sole currently retails at £240 with a £50 renewal fee every 6 months. Lifetime copies can be purchased at about $500 upwards via resale. Apart from that, Sole offers rental for their bot on their website at £32. In overall, SoleAIO is a great bot for its price looking at the fact that it has quite an amount of success.

Project Destroyer (PD) does decent as a cheap Supreme and Adidas bot

Project Destroyer, or PD in short, is an all in one bot that is quite popular on the market right now. PD currently supports Shopify, Supreme, footsites and more. In fact, it has one of the largest supported site lists among the other all in one bots. Like its name suggests, it destroys drops. PD has had really good successes with a proven track record and some of the fastest speeds in the industry. It also has a really good support team and developers that are constantly working to make sure you cook.

Despite these pros, like any other bot, PD comes with its cons as well. One thing that PD lacks is consistency. It can be really successful at times, but sometimes, it flops as well. PD currently retails at $450 with a bi-annual renewal fee of $150. This makes it a rather pricey bot. Good thing is, you can find copies selling below retail. Personally, in my opinion, if you can grab a lifetime copy for a decent price, it’ll make PD at a rather cheap and affordable bot with great success.

Oculus AIO, affordable Supreme bot

OculusAIO is a bot created by a proxy company called OculusProxies. Although called OculusAIO, it only supports Shopify and Supreme currently. Of course, the bot has not reached its fullest potential yet. In the future, it will definitely be able to support more sites. It is currently in the midst of implementing footsites such as Footlocker and Footaction into its system. Oculus is a simple to use bot, with minimal features, making it not very complicated. Although it supports Supreme, it doesn’t really cook Supreme well. It can be used for Supreme in-store sign-ups as well. As for Shopify, Oculus is inconsistent and is usually a hit or miss. With that said, Oculus is still a rather decent bot for its price and is very promising with recent successes starting to go up.

OculusAIO currently retails for $300 with a renewal fee of $50 every 6 months. However, you’ll be able to find copies for sale by resellers under retail.

NikeShoeBot (NSB), a good and unexpensive sneaker bot

NikeShoeBot, or NSB in short, is a very consistent all in one bot. It supports lots of sites such as Shopify, Supreme and footsites. Although not the easiest bot  to use, NSB is among the most successful and consistent if run properly. It is not surprising to see NSB cooking on every release. One downside of NSB is that it is very pricey (will be explaining more on this later).

First, NSB retails for $499/year on their website. One advantage of this is that the bot is always in stock, so you don’t have to worry about restocks. In other words, due to the high supply, it is easy to find people reselling it for below retail. Also, there are many groupbuys and discounts which NSB offers that usually happens quite often. These are usually sold at a discount of 20-30%. Keep a lookout as there are greater discounts sometimes. With these discounts, it will make NSB much cheaper. In general, if you’re planning to cop NSB, I would recommend getting them only during discounts. For example, if you bought it at 30% discount on their website, you’ll only need to pay $349.30 every year instead of $499/year.

In a nutshell, despite the pricey retail price, it is a very good bot in general. If you can cop it during the discounts, it will make NSB a rather affordable and cheap bot that has a huge amount of success.



With that, I have come to the end of my top 5 cheapest all in one bots, not ranked in any order, on the market that has decent successes on drops. However, do note that these are not the cheapest bots you can find on the market. There are certainly cheaper bots out there than the above mentioned. However, those can be inconsistent and not as good in general than the above mentioned.

If you’re new to botting, you could try out free bots that are in their beta period. Such bots include EasyCopBot, The Shit Bot and more which you could obtain via groupbuys or giveaways. To sum up, the cheapest way to get your hands on a bot would be to rent it first. Have a feel of it before jumping to purchasing a bot.



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