Sole AIO bot is hard to find for sale and has a flooded Discord channel. But what makes it so popular? Does the price make sense? Read this review for my take on it.

sole aio bot review

Sole AIO / Sole Sorcerer is an all in one bot which supports Adidas, Shopify, Supreme, Footlocker and Magneto sites.

However, there is a good chance that this bot, that will be released soon, may turn out to be an even better choice.

Sole has a very clear and easy to use UI, a screenshot of the UI of Sole can been seen at the top of this review.

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Sole makes it very easy to cook Adidas Splash releases. Sole is extremely consistent with Adidas and with the right proxies, it should work for every release.

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The good things about Sole AIO

The Sole Aio Bot is very simple and displays an easy to use UI. Which sets it apart from other bots like TheKickStation (TKS).

I definitely had a lot of success with Adidas as Sole AIO supports all major regions for the brand and is very successful for Splash releases.

One of the reason is because of its account generator for Adidas. This is very useful for selling carts and make this bot one of the best bots for Adidas.

It also performs really well with Shopify customs sites as they can be added to the bot and it’s great for Shopify checkout links as well. I will explain this feature later on.

Sole AIO is a good choice for amateurs thanks to a very affordable price but would work for experienced bot users.

My last two points that are extremely important is that Sole AIO is updated regularly and the team offers proxy and server support. Keep in mind, that proxies will be of crucial importance for your success with this bot.

What I dislike about Sole AIO bot. Honest review

The biggest problem by far is that it generally doesn’t do well with Supreme. Sure you will manage to cop some items here and there but, the bot is definitely not optimized towards that end.

Meaning you will want to get another bot for Supreme. It’s still hard to complain with such a low retail price though.

In case you don’t manage to put your hands on a lifetime copy, you will have to pay £60 renewal fees every 6 months. While not being much it does add up to the final sale price.

Lastly, compared to other AIO bots, Sole AIO doesn’t support many sites yet.


sole aio
  • UI / UX
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • Number of shops
  • Success Rate
  • Price

What price should you pay for Sole AIO?

The bot retails for £200, however resale price is about £450-£500. If you buy a renewal copy then you will have to pay £60 every 6 months as well. Lifetime copies are also available. Like with all bots, in order to be successful and maximise the bots potential, you will have to buy proxies and a server.

Sole AIO does Shopify checkout links really well

Sole AIO is very good for it’s checkout links. Checkout links are for shopify releases when a site has a queue to checkout. The bot will mass enter tasks into the queue and when a task gets through the queue, it will send a link to your Discord to allow you to manually checkout. Sole also has an option to use it’s extension, which automates the checkout process after using a checkout link.

Is Sole AIO bot any good? My experiences

Sole AIO has worked flawlessly on Adidas for me. It’s carted me many pairs, however checkout loops and issues opening carts have limited my success. Sole has also done very well for me on DoverStreetMarket and other shopify sites. Recently, sole sent me two checkout links for the Travis Scott lows. Sole has only cooked Supreme for me once.

What do I recommend this bot for?

Sole AIO is best for Adidas splash releases. During an Adidas splash release, everyone is entered into a waiting room and people are then randomly let through to purchase. Sole lets you mass enter this queue. This significantly increases your chances of being randomly let through. Bare in mind that you need residential proxies to run a lot of Adidas tasks, otherwise you will get banned. Sole AIO is also good on shopify sites like DSM and YeezySupply. Becareful there are loads of cracked versions out there.

My personal verdict

Sole has a very nice UI which makes it easy to use for everyone. For Adidas and Shopify releases, Sole is very successful. However, Sole has a small site list, this really limits the amount of drops you can go for. You can rent Sole AIO bot from us here.

Sole is a very good bot to have alongside others, especially as a lot of other bots don’t support Adidas. Sole AIO isn’t a good choice if you only plan on buying 1 bot – this is because for the same price you can get other bots that support way more sites. Sole AIO is best paired with another AIO bot like TKS or Cyber. By doing this you should be covered for every release. wewe

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    Hi, for this price which other bots would you recommend? Keeping in mind im only looking to purchase 1 at the minuet



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