Eve AIO bot has copped really well in the past, but is it still working? Should you buy Eve Robotics bot if for sale? The answers lies in this Eve AIO review.

EVE AIO Bot review

Eve AIO is an all in one bot which supports a decent amount of sites and has some good success. Eve is quite inconsistent.

Sometimes it will work very well, however sometimes it will randomly flop. It has a simple, easy to use user interface, making it great for beginners.

Botting tip: Often proxies are the reason for failing on your drops, you’ll need proxies that you know work for the sites your drops are on. 

BTWProxy.io (€3/$3.4/GB) is a great option for proxies as they are the lowest priced sneaker proxies in the world and work well on most sites. 

You can also change the colour theme of the bot, which is a nice feature. It supports a range of shopify sites, you can even add custom shopify sites if you want to bot a site that isn’t already supported.

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It supports US and UK footsites, Supreme, Supreme in store sign up, funko and many more. It works very well on Size, as you can run front and back end; not many bots have this feature.

Eve has been very successful recently on Size, with Jordan 1’s and Yeezy’s. It has done especially well on restocks, making its users a ton of money. In the past, Eve has been a bit hit and miss, especially on footsites.

Eve also does very well on YeezySupply which makes it a pretty good yeezy bot. You can use a range of modes, so you’re ready to cook whether bot protection is on or not. Eve has been around for a while and the devs have proved to be hard working and devoted to their bot. In the past the bot started to go down hill and the resale price fell by over 50%.

Despite this, they worked hard to bring it back and I believe they have been successful so far. They have been working hard on Eve 2.0, this is a new update which promises to bring improved bot performance and a new UI. This is coming out soon; it should make the bot more consistent. The price and popularity of Eve will probably rise after this update.

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I think Eve Robotics has done great with Eve AIO

The devs have done a pretty good job at imporving the bot and this for an affordable price on the user end. All copies are lifetime as well so you don’t have to pay renewal fees.

Devs are very hard working. They always always push updates and are working hard to improve the bot by adding cool new features like a variety of notification options, you can be alerted through SMS, Twitter, Slack and Discord.

Among other cool features you will find : image picker, shopify smart schedule, cookie gatherer, and easy to see logs. I will go into more detail about all of these features, and why they’re useful, later on in the review.

Eve supports a lot of sites. It also allows custom shopify sites to be added.

When it works, it works very well. This shows very good potential, if the devs can make Eve AIO consistently good then this will become one of the top bots. Success can be seen on their twitter: @EveAIO.

As most good bots it offers proxy and server support. I will explain in a seperate article why this is crucial.

Eve AIO supports back end and front end mesh sites and works very well on YeezySupply, Supreme and Size.

What you might dislike about Eve AIO bot

Like with TheKickStation, buying this bot from a reseller is very risky, the key can be unbound from you using just the purchase email and the bot key. It’s crucial you buy this bot from a trusted person or for retail – otherwise you are vulnerable to being scammed.

Among more technical problems that I wish could be sorted out, I would love this bot to be more consistent. As I said sometimes it does great but also flops quite a lot.

It does not support Adidas. And the team does not provide set up guides for every drop, only the big ones.

eve aio
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • UI / UX
  • Number of shops
  • Price
  • Success Rate

Should I pay extra for access to their discord?

Eve can sell as low as $200 without discord access and around $450 with discord access. I highly recommend paying extra for access to their discord server. This advice goes for any bot you want to buy.

The discord server is where you will be sent setup guides and tips. You will be able to see other people’s success and their setups and learn from them. A bot’s discord server is where you will usually receive help from the bots devs and mods. For Eve in particular there are many different modes for Shopify tasks.

Before every drop they will advise you with what modes to use and sometimes they tell to change mid drop. This is one of the reasons why being in their discord is so important.

Is Eve AIO bot from Eve Robotics for sale?

First off, it’s usually a good idea to rent a bot before buying one so you can get a feel for it and see if it matches your own expectations. You can rent EVE AIO bot from us here.

Eve AIO retails for $350. The resale price is currently about $400-$450 to buy a copy with discord. All copies are lifetime, this means you don’t have to pay any renewal fees and the cost of the bot is a one time payment. I think eve is currently priced fairly seeing as it does cook very well on occasions.

After Eve 2.0 releases, the price is likely to rise, this is due to an improvement in bot performance and UI. The cost of proxies and servers also needs to be considered in order for eve to cook.

Some unique features about this bot

Prepare sessions

This uses a dummy product, which is already on the site, to try and bypass the shopify queue for the real drop.

Checkout URLS

This is another feature for shopify sites. If the task gets past the shopify queue, it will then send a checkout url to your discord. You then open this link so you can manually finish the checkout. This is perfect for when bot protection is up. YeezySupply drops can last hours as they randomly let people through the queue, so you don’t have to worry about this mode being too slow.

Image picker

This is for when you don’t know the keywords for an item in a Supreme drop. So instead of using keywords for your tasks, you wait until the drop and click the image of the product you want. The bot will then run tasks for this product.

Shopify smart schedule

This is similar to preparing sessions, the aim is to bypass the shopify queue. You can use this mode when you know the exact time the product is dropping.

Cookie gatherer

This was recently added to the bot. You can use this on US and UK footsites to gather cookies for your tasks. This makes your tasks look more like a human. The aim is to avoid getting detected by bot protection.


On eve you can see your tasks logs very clearly. If you’re having problems with the bot, you can send your logs to the support team. They will be able to see exactly what’s going wrong and help.

Is Eve AIO a bot that really works?

Eve does work well most of the time. However, as I said before, it’s quite inconsistent. This means that it will flop (stop working) randomly and this can cause major L’s and frustration.

Eve hasn’t flopped bad recently, but it has before in the past. Eve worked extremely well on the last few Supreme drops of s/s19 and in the recent YeezySupply and Size drops. With 2.0 being released soon, the bot should only improve.

Would I recommend this bot from Eve Robotics?

Eve is a very good beginners bot. This is because of its low cost, simple UI and it is easy to set up. It is also a good bot to have on the side, as it does work very well sometimes and it is fairly cheap; with no renewal fees.

However, I would not recommend buying this as your main bot though, because of its inconsistency. If the devs improve on this, the bot has huge potential and could become a top bot again. 

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