In this article we will be reviewing and highlighting the top 5 best free cook groups. They will be rated depending on their features and members.

Not exactly a cook group, but loaded with helpful information, tips and a great community is our own BotsThatWork Discord server (linked here). It is entirely free and we love helping botters out.

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SneakerSquadX – Best Free Cook Group

With a mere 18,359 members (as of 10:31 am GMT time on the 5th December 2019), ‘SneakerSquadX’ is our favourite free cook group. With the very friendly administrator ‘Stevex#4532’, this group offers an infinite number of features.

There are two different groups to this server. Firstly there is non-VIP members, and VIP members. The non-VIP members have access to a wide range of tools. For example, a release calendar, over 15 different super-fast monitors including SNKRS channels and a general chat for almost every region.

Considering the vast amount of people, there is not one unfriendly person. One will even have the chance to access massive group buys for various different AIOs and proxies.

 As for VIP members, they have an even better range of features. The best part about VIP? To gain access, it is completely free, it just involves a simple shout-out to Sneaker Squad on Twitter.

This will give users access to even faster premium monitors, a very own in-house proxy generator, A free server generator and a ticketing support system. If that doesn’t all sound good to you for free then I don’t know what does.

Key Features :

  •   Proxy generator
  •   Server generator
  •   Premium monitors

Discord invite link : https://discord.gg/HJdD6Uq


Sneaked Tools

Second on our list we have ‘Sneaked Tools’. Some of you may have heard of Sneaked before as it is famously partnered with the well renowned IOS bot ‘Plugged’. This server is everything you need to destroy a drop and it will cost you no price at all.

 You may know about a few different dashboard tools that will do various things such as monitor/create proxies or preview your success. Sneaked Tools, as well as being a cook group, is very similar to a tools platform, hence the name.

Obviously there are some limited features as it is just a discord server however for the price ($0), this is a great opportunity that everyone should seize. With almost 50 separate monitors you cannot fail to cook a restock.

From personal experience, my favourite tool on the server is the address jigger. Those who are wanting many multiple orders will find this very helpful. One would type in their desired address and the address bot will give you 10 or so different address variables.

This is very important and is one of the key features to botting. As well as this, the group comes with other high-standard cook group features that are applicable to top tier groups.

Key Features :   

  • Wtb/Wts channel
  • Address Jig
  • Many monitors
  • Discounts & Groupbuys

Discord link : https://discord.gg/CSYtD85


For this cook group, there is definitely a more personal feel to it. There is more of a sense community. This is down to the fact there is a lot fewer members than the others and this can be good. Sometimes in the larger volume groups, you may feel like you are not getting enough support, especially in the time that you want it. If you feel like this in your current free cook group, then Noctua could help you out. 

Noctua has a lot of heritage behind the name – it is the name of the owl that is the symbol of Athene. The symbol is represented through wisdom and strategy. This is very much reflected through the server.

This can be shown through their very own dedicated support channel as well as a legit checker to check the authenticity of your items. Another feature about Noctua is that you can apply to become a staff member.

This is done using their ‘Application Bot’. This would definitely be the server for you if you are new to the game and you are looking for a nice group of people to guide you.

Key Features : 

  •   Extensive group buys
  •   Partnership with AYCD bot
  •   Slots

Discord link : https://discord.gg/2Rgn4Vg

Hype Plug

The problem with many cook groups can be that they are hard to navigate around and at times it can get confusing. With ‘Hype Plug’, I find it very easy to find my way around the server and very rarely do I find myself endlessly scrolling through, looking for that one channel you are desperate to find. They coordinate their server with emojis which is a simple, yet effective trick.

For a free cook group, this definitely has to be one of the most professional I have seen yet. In essence, they hand out all the information to you on a plate, all you need to do is cook. This information comes in the form of different channels.

These include ‘guides’, ‘important’, and thorough release calendars, with the corresponding dates on. In my opinion, out of all the reviewed cook groups, this is definitely the most advanced, and I would highly recommend this if you are a serious beginner.

Key Features :

  •   Cop Guides
  •   Giveaways
  •   Marketplace
  •   Ticket support

 Discord Link : https://discord.gg/JuAKFC3

Alpha Plug

Again, similarly to Noctua, this is a fairly small size group for a free server. However, the benefits of this group are 100% worth it. The tools that the server comes with are not something you would expect to get with a free cook groups which I will go into in more detail later on.

Whilst experiencing this group, it made me want to use this group myself. There are so many different features in this server. I could go on all day about them but there are a few that most definitely need mentioning.

Firstly, they have the standard of most cook groups – a general chat, a success channel etc. However, it also has its own market place, its own methods, fees calculator. The list goes on and I am shocked myself at how this is a free group to be in. not only will it help boost your reselling career, it will give you side information to get products cheaper, or make a small amount of cash.

Key Features :

  •   Methods
  •   Address jig
  •   Monitors
  •   Price checkers
  •   Investments
  •   Guides

 Discord link : https://discord.gg/pXMhE2M

British botting veteran with three years of experience. Previously he had his own bot and now has his own sneaker store with connections all the way to Hong Kong.

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