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Codeyellow Review, Is It The Best Raffle Bot In The Game?

Code Yellow is always looking to get their members the most success, catchalls are getting filtered a lot recently and that’s a huge problem for raffle bots and CodeYellow are already on a solution that’s almost ready, a partnership with a Gmail provider so that the members can buy discounted fresh Gmails especially made for entering raffles and tested for the best quality.

In my opinion CodeYellow will have a great future, the devs are working hard on future options and the niche for Raffle bots are growing while there are very few bots available on the market for this right now.

Does CodeYellow work? The top features

Mass Entry: mass enter your selected sites with your selected profiles and proxies!

Sting Mode: Enter all sites with the click of ONE button, sting mode enters all the sites for a release with your pre-configured settings!

Scraped IG accounts: Code Yellow has a pool of instagram accounts that follow certain sites like BSTN so you can enter the sites that require instagram!

Captcha support: solve captchas manually!

2captcha / anti-captcha support: automatically solves catpchas for you!

Proxy tester: test your proxies and delete the bad ones!

Fast profile creation: create profiles in the matter of seconds!

Profile import/export: export and import your profiles.

What are the different modes available on CodeYellow?

Manual mode: all tasks start at the same time.

Delayed mode: delayed is the second entry mode and and will mean each task will start x seconds after the last. you must save the seconds for each task to start.

Idle mode: idle is the third entry mode and and will mean you have to save a idle time in minutes and the bot will calculate how many tasks you have and divide that by the minutes you savedand figure out automatically a delay to use after each task, so that after the minutes have past,all tasks will be completed by then.

Human mode: human mode is the fourth entry mode and and will mean you have to save a minimum delay and maximum delay, and the bot will randomly generate a number between the minimum and maximum delay (in seconds) and start the tasks like delayed mode at random times within your range after the last task.

A note about the team:

The developers take good care of their members and the support team is top notch, they can help with everything and most of the time they arrive to your ticket in less than a minute.

If you want a website added, no problem, post it in the site-suggestions channel and the devs will look over it, have a quick question or something isn’t working?

No problem! Just open a ticket and the support team will help you out in seconds, they provide you with good tips/tricks and good j1gging settings to ensure the best chance of getting the W.


Where can you buy CodeYellow bot?

If you’re lucky, you can get Code Yellow from a groupbuy, they don’t do FCFS releases.

If you want to cop Code Yellow, you have to wait since their groupbuys are currently closed and they wont do any restocks for a while.

There is one other way, get it from resell, if you want you can get code yellow from resell on a marketplace like Tidal or Botmart.

Sadly it isn’t allowed to rent out the bot.

The retail price is 90$ but they only do groupbuys where there is a discount so the retail price is 75$.

A lifetime raffle bot for that price is unbelievable.

The resell price is around 450$ currently and that price is still good for a lifetime raffle bot with a great future ahead!

My final thoughts on CodeYellow

CodeYellow is a perfect choice if you want a reliable raffle bot that does it’s job, It has a good price and i can’t really say anything negative about it.

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