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Hyper Raffle Bot, Is It Any Good? Our Honest Review

Hyper raffle bot is an extremely unique bot. It is one of very few raffle bots and is good at what it does. It automats entries into raffles, specifically sneaker raffles (but it does occasionally do the odd Coca Cola sweepstake.

It has the ability to automatically create accounts, confirm entries and more. Hyper is a cloud based bot, meaning you never have to download or update it, it also means that the site can sometimes be laggy if there are many online users. Hyper does not allow reselling of their bot, so it extremely hard to get a copy.

Does Hyper Raffle Work? Our review

Yes and no. Hyper raffle bot requires A LOT of outside resources. This is including proxies, gmail accounts, a catchall, many credit cards, and a ton of 2captcha api credits.

However, if you take the time to invest and properly setup all of these things, the bot can really cook. The average user definitely won’t get multiple pairs per release, but is extremely easy to slap in a few hundred entries, and maybe every once and awhile you’ll hit.

I would estimate that 1 in 10 raffles I get a pair. This is partially do to the fact that I dont go absolutely crazy, I just do a reasonable amount and hope for the best. 

Where could Hyper improve?

They’re already pretty great at what they do, however I have heard of some rumours that some big things are in the works. They have talked about adding features such as the capability to bot SNKRS.

I have also heard that they may add their own proxy generator, which would automatically apply proxies to tasks that need them. I also think they should come out with a downloadable version, so users no longer have to wait for a laggy site.

Other than that, hyper has it down. They have a fabulous team of extremely hard working devs and a really dedicated support staff.

  • Number of shops
  • Support
  • UI / UX
  • Regular Updates
  • Price
  • Success Rate

What setup is recommended?

Almost any residential proxy will work. The key is to have rotating proxies so that you don’t have to keep switching them out. I personally have used leaf resis, and chi cooked resis with hyper, and have seen success with both.

Where can I buy Hyper raffle bot?

Unfortunately, Hyper does not allow reselling, so in order to buy this bot you have to purchase it off of a restock or a giveaway. If you do manage to get the opportunity to purchase this bot, definitely do so. It is a very passive way to get the occasional pair.

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