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Exath AIO Bot Review: Securing Your Kicks Straight From the Source

What's up, I'm Clement – long time sneakerhead with tons of experience running sneaker bots to cop limited releases.

In this detailed review, I'll be breaking down the Exath AIO bot based on my extensive hands-on usage over the past year.

Whether you're new to botting or a seasoned vet, read on for an honest assessment of Exath's features, performance, and more. Let's get into it!

Sneaker Bots 101 – A Quick Explainer

First, what exactly are sneaker bots? Put simply, they are software tools used to automate purchasing shoes online.

Sneaker bots run lightning-fast checkout tasks that help you secure pairs before sellouts. This gives regular users a fighting chance against resellers.

Top bots like Exath AIO work across all the major retailers – Shopify, Footsites, Yeezy Supply, Adidas, Supreme, etc. They level the playing field.

So in short, bots are essential for copping limited Yeezy, Jordan, and other hyped sneaker releases today.

Introducing Exath AIO Bot

Exath AIO is one of the newer sneaker bots on the market, but it has quickly built a strong reputation.

Here are the key features that make it a powerful copping tool:

  • Broad site support – Shopify, Footsites, YS, Hibbett, Kith, Supreme, etc. Wide compatibility.
  • Rapid checkout speeds – Quickly processes payments thanks to synchronized checkout.
  • Smooth interface – Clean, visually intuitive dashboard for monitoring and control.
  • Inline Captcha Solving– Handles captchas seamlessly without needing external solvers.
  • Lifetime license– One purchase, free updates for life. Great long-term value.

So in summary, Exath brings fast multithreaded checkout, broad site support, and a slick modern interface. But how does it perform?

My Experience Using Exath AIO: The Good and Bad

Over the past year, I've used Exath AIO extensively for all types of hype sneaker releases.

Here are the key pros and cons I've experienced first-hand:

Fast, Reliable Checkouts

The #1 strength of Exath is definitely its rapid synchronized checkout. Exath nails the most crucial part of any sneaker bot.

Across releases, I'm consistently checking out in under 8 seconds, sometimes as fast as 3-5 seconds if my proxy connection is solid.

Beyond raw speed, Exath's checkout logic is very smooth and reliable – rarely glitching out or erroring like some bots. The cops just hit one after another.

Solid But Inconsistent Success Rates

My overall success rate copping releases with Exath has been decent but slightly inconsistent – ranging from 30% on up to 60%+ on the best drops.

Partly this is due to my own task setup. But Exath seems to have more variance in its performance than top-tier bots like Balko or Cyber.

When Exath is cooking, it really cooks. But other times, it leaves me scratching my head wondering what went wrong. Definitely room for improvement here.

Stellar Shopify & Footsites Support

Where Exath really shines is its support for Shopify and Footsites (Foot Locker, Finish Line, etc.)

It handles these sites flawlessly – automatically solving captchas, blasting through waiting rooms, and checking out lightning fast.

Shopify and Footsites make up a huge chunk of hyped sneaker releases. For these sites alone, Exath is a must-have.

Site Compatibility Works in Progress

My main gripe is Exath's performance on Yeezy Supply and Supreme could use work. Checkout speeds slow down and errors spike on these sites.

The dev team is constantly updating, so I expect YS and Supreme support will only strengthen over time. But for now, it feels like a weak spot.

For the price point, I'd hope for flawless across-the-board site support out of the box. There's still room for improvement here.

Exath AIO vs. Other Top Sneaker Bots

So how does Exath stack up against the top competition in the space? Here's a quick rundown:

BotCheckout SpeedSuccess RateSite SupportPrice
ExathVery FastGoodSolid except YS/SupremeLifetime license
BalkoExtremely FastExcellentDecent site supportMonthly/Annual
StellarAIOAverageGoodExcellent site supportLifetime license
CyberFastVery GoodBest for Shopify focusLifetime license

As you can see, Exath holds its own very well in terms of checkout speeds. But it still has work to do matching the performance and versatility of top established bots like Cyber and Balko.

However, Exath outclasses bots like StellarAIO forShopify/Footsites focus and blows new upstarts out of the water completely. It sits in an interesting middle ground.

Tips for Running Exath AIO Successfully

Here are some key tips for getting the most out of Exath based on my experience:

  • Use residential proxies – Rotating IPs are essential to avoid bans on sites.
  • Create multiple tasks per site – I like 4-5 tasks for my main sites as a buffer.
  • Practice checkouts – Get familiar with Exath's workflow by running it on low-key drops first.
  • Update Exath frequently – Install new versions whenever released to get fixes and improvements.
  • Use a server restocker – Helps point your tasks toward site restocks and openings.
  • Join a cook group – Get info/monitors for releases from groups like The Chefs Kitchen.

Follow those guidelines and Exath will perform even better for your copping needs.

Final Verdict – Is Exath AIO Worth It?

At the end of the day, Exath AIO is one of the best bang-for-buck sneaker bots out there in my opinion.

For Shopify and Footsites releases, Exath delivers amazing speeds and success for the price. It's a must-have in your botting toolbox.

The site compatibility could still use polishing on Yeezy Supply and Supreme. But the dev team is making strides.

So in summary:

Yes, Exath is absolutely worth buyingif your focus is on Shopify and Footsite sneaker releases. For these sites, it's possibly the best bot under $500 right now.

It still can't match the sheer versatility of bots like Cyber or Balko. But when it comes to Shopify/Footsites focus, Exath brings tremendous value.

I definitely recommend giving Exath AIO a shot if you take copping limited sneaker releases seriously. Used strategically, it's a huge asset and secures a ton of Ws. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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