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Flare Aio Bot, Is It Any Good? Our Honest Review

Flare was a sneaker bot, especially a footlocker based bot, which blew up after Yeezy Boost 350 V2 black drop where its users saw tons of success. Flare then blew up, with copies selling for as much as $800, however this success did not last long. Flare then instantly flopped on the next drop and hasn’t worked on Footlocker since.

However, the developers addressed these issues and promised the users they had something big planned. Flare recently added the store Snipes to the bot, which is heavily EU based being Germany, Netherlands etc.

After the Yeezy 350 cloud drop, users saw a large amount of success compared to how many people ran the bot. Flare checked out over 200 pairs. One user checked out 47 pairs for himself.

Does Flare AIO Work? Our review



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For Footlocker, no it does not. However, for Snipes, yes it does. This could be a 1 hit wonder and flop again in the coming months, only time will tell I guess. As I am a user of the bot and I see the Devs in chat, I do see hope for the future of Flare and I can see itself making its come back to the bot game better than ever before.

Where does Flare fail the hardest?

Well quite frankly, up until recently, this bot has failed in all areas. I personally get fed up as the same errors were coming in every release and people started getting tired and switching to other bots.

However, the developers picked up on this and soon realised that they maybe needed to focus on different areas. Therefore introducing Snipes. The biggest downfall to this, is that Snipes is heavily based around Germany and Netherlands. This is not ideal for UK users, unless it is a seriously hyped sneaker.

What setup is recommended?

For running Footlocker EU and Snipes, the best setup consists of a EU based server with matching EU proxies. Most of the time Residential proxies should be used. This is because most Data Centres Proxies are banned, or get banned almost instantly.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

The answer to that at the moment is quite simply no. This is due to the fact that I am based in the UK, so snipes is not ideal for me to run and footlocker is currently still broken. I will keep this bot in my locker though as I believe that Flare will make its come back, its just a matter of when.

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