Balko is a very sought after bot, but is it actually worth it? In this review I will going over everything you need to know. 

balkobot review

Balko is a very successful bot, supporting loads of Shopify sites and Adidas. Balko is adding Footsites in their next update (Footlocker, Champs, Eastbay etc) this is a very big update and and a massive step forward for them. It will most likely make it a top AIO Bot

However, there is a good chance that this bot, that will be released soon, may turn out to be an even better choice.

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 Balko is usually very successful and consistent with it’s success. Balkos developers are very active and push updates very quickly if there is a a site change or a bug in the bot. Balko is supported on Mac as well as windows, most bots are windows only. This is a nice feature for Mac users. Balko also has proxy and server support and a very useful discord server. 

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Does BalkoBot actually work? 

Yes, Balko’s users have great success. Balko stands out for it’s success on Shopify restocks and Adidas splash releases. Balko is very good for mass entering the Adidas Splash page and increasing your chances of being let through the queue.

How could Balkobot improve?

Some features are complex and require practice, for example setting up for an Adidas Splash release can be challenging at first. Due to this, and other complicated features, Balko is not a good choice for a beginner. Balko is very hard to buy for retail, this means you’ll probably have to buy from a reseller.

This can be risky as you could get scammed and you will have to pay a significantly higher price then if you were to buy for retail price. Balko is very expensive even if you do manage to get it for retail, if you buy Balko it’s likely you will have to either pay $60 every month or $360 every year.Which is still a decent price to purchase a bot.

balko bot
  • Success Rate
  • Number of shops
  • Regular Updates
  • Support
  • UI / UX
  • Price

My biggest W’s with Balko

The best success I have had with balko is when it secured me 11 pairs of Yeezy Lundmarks. They were from Yeezy Supply and Adidas. My most recent success was on the Jordan 1 Satins, I copped 2 pairs with Balko on PamPamLondon. 

What proxies do I use with Balko?

For Adidas releases, I use residential proxies. I personally use cookie proxies and have a data plan. You can get unlimited proxies and they use your set amount of data every month. 

For Shopify drops, I use a mix of Residential and Data Centre (DC) proxies. Recently, DC proxies have been getting clipped, this means getting banned. Because of this, it’s good to have residential proxies as a back up. Data centre proxies are a lot quicker then residential but are more likely to get banned.

Where is Balko for sale and is it worth renting?

Balko very rarely restocks in extremely limited quantities on  , it is currently sold out. For information on restocks, follow their twitter and turn on post notifications: @BalkoBot. It is extremely hard to buy Balko for retail and if you don’t want to wait for restock, you can buy from a re seller. Balko will cost about £1,000 if buying from a re seller. Make sure you use a trusted middleman when buying any bot to avoid being scammed. Bot mart is a good place to buy and sell bots.

Balko could be profitable if rented, as long as it’s ran with good proxies. If you rent Balko, make sure you give your self enough time before the drop to properly set up and test the bot. Becoming familiar with bot before the drop will give you a massive advantage.

Would I recommend Balkobot ?

In summary, Balko is very consistent and successful, this is reflected in the high demand for the bot. If you can get your hands on this bot and can run it properly, then it can be very successful. As mentioned before, it is not a great choice for a beginner but if you have some experience then Balko is a good choice and I would recommend it. The devs are constantly improving their bot and updating it. 

Do you think balko is worth $360 a year? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! 


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