Adept Bot Review: Does It Still Work?

Adept bot is an established sneaker bot that has been around since May of 2018, it is a Supreme bot, but is planning to add Shopify and Foot sites in the near future. In this article I’m going to be going over everything you need to know about Adept bot.

adept bot review

Adept bot is one of the cheapest Supreme bots out there. It used to consistently cook Supreme but for the previous couple seasons, they have not been doing great, although on the latest Supreme drops in SS20 Adept has been doing really well and taking stock. They have a great dev team led by Jack and are constantly pushing out updates. Adept was planning to release an AIO bot by now, but; the developers wanted to perfect Supreme before moving onto AIO. Now that Supreme is working better on Adept, we can expect Adept AIO that will support Shopify, Footsites, and more! Right now it is unclear how you will be able to purchase Adept AIO and whether current Adept Supreme users will be able to upgrade. Although, some users have access to Adept AIO beta.

You can run the bot on both Windows and Mac which is quite unusual for a bot but it is a nice feature for Mac users. Additionally, Adept is launching the Adept companion app soon to rival major bots such as Cybersole and Sole AIO. It was originally anticipated that the companion app would come out once Adept introduced Adept AIO, but statements from the developers say Adept will be getting the app sooner than anticipated.

Does Adept bot cook?

When Adept released it was on par with some of the top Supreme bots, recently its success has been inconsistent with big success one week and then lackluster success the next week. Adept has different modes that you can run to ensure that you have a chance at beating Supreme’s complex anti-botting software known as Pooky API. Examples of this could be the option for captcha bypass and Adept’s fast mode (in experimental phase).

Where could Adept bot improve?

I feel like Adept could improve in a couple of categories. The first being its consistency, as much as Adept likes to brag about its good weeks, they have many bad weeks were success is very minimal. It gives people the false notion of having significant success every week when they are looking into the bot. Also, the head developer of Adept, Jack, announced that he will never restock Adept supreme again. This makes people wonder how they will be able to buy in the future as they will probably be forced to pay prices on marketplaces such as Tidal and BotMart.

What setup is recommended?

A server is not necessary for Adept, however if you are running a bunch of bots then it may be a good idea to use a server to ensure your PC doesn’t start to slow down.

While most sites like Foot sites and Shopify are best with residential proxies, I would recommend Data Center proxies for Supreme, the number of proxies you will need will depend on how many tasks you run. I find a 1 proxy per task ratio good for Adept bot.

Where is Adept for sale and is it worth renting?

Adept has announced that it will not be restocking Adept Supreme ever again, it is unclear how you will be able to purchase Adept AIO once its avaible.

Adept could be worth renting for a drop as it’s so cheap, you can rent it for as cheap as $6. Although they have had low success rate recently on hyped items such as the Bandana and Relief box logo’s, they still have some users cook. It is also good experience for a beginner to learn to use Adept.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

The short answer is yes, Adept has huge upside. In SS20 week 12, Adept got 500+ checkouts with only 205 running users. With a mobile companion app and an AIO bot soon, I am excited for the future of Adept bot.

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