Adept bot is quite a lowkey bot compared to its competition and a lot of new botters have never even heard of it. In this article I’m going to be going over everything you need to know about Adept Supreme bot.

adept bot review

Adept bot is one of the few consistently working Supreme bots at the moment. They have a great dev team and are even bringing out their own AIO bot, beta for this is coming out soon.

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Adept bot only supports Supreme but it is very successful on it. You can run the bot on both Windows and Mac which is quite unusual for a bot but it is a nice feature for Mac users.



Does Adept bot cook?

Yes, Adept Supreme bot has a lot of success on Supreme as well as in store sign ups. Unlike most other Supreme bots, Adept has 3 different modes that you can run. These different modes are used so that you are as prepared for Supreme making a change in Pooky (Pooky is Supreme’s bot protection). By running all 3 modes you have more chance of copping. Like all Supreme bots, it won’t guarantee you success though.

Where could Adept bot improve?

For beginners, Adept Supreme bot could be slightly overwhelming. As mentioned before, there are 3 different modes for Supreme. Every release they tell you to use all 3 modes, but you still have to manually make tasks with all of the modes. Although this isn’t a major flaw it can be a tedious process and could easily be improved. Other than this, I can’t really fault them.

Adept supreme bot
  • Support
  • Success Rate
  • Price
  • UI / UX
  • Regular Updates
  • Number of shops

What setup is recommended?

A server is not necessary for Adept, however if you are running a bunch of bots then it may be a good idea to use a server to ensure your PC doesn’t start to slow down.

For Supreme, there are a bunch of unbanned and fast data centre proxies which I would recommend to use for most of your tasks. I would also recommend having a few residential proxies in as well.


Where is Adept for sale and is it worth renting?

Adept very rarely restocks on, for information on restocks then follow their twitter @AdeptBots. To buy Adept for resale price then Botmart or Tidal marketplace are the best places, always use a middleman.

Adept is definitely worth renting, if you rent the bot for a Supreme drop you can make your money back easily. The best place to rent from is either from BotsThatWork (, Tidal or Botmart.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Yes I will. Adept has been a very solid bot for me so far and I am confident it will continue to do so. Adept is very reasonably priced and renewal is cheap, it is very easy to make a profit using this bot.

British botting veteran with three years of experience. Previously he had his own bot and now has his own sneaker store with connections all the way to Hong Kong.

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