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Velox Bot Review, Is It A Rising Supreme Bot?

Compared to other supreme bots, Velox Supreme bot is something that has caught the eye of botters. Its simple UI allows it to be run with little to no experience.

Velox has been outperforming countless numbers of other bots, and has had a constant success rate in the past few weeks, but why is Velox rising above others? 

UI simplicity is something that everyone loves. It is something that Velox has to offer.

This is the main screen for Velox bot. Its clean design is pleasing to the eye, and simple to use. It is available for download both on Windows and Apple. Velox has implemented Hybrid mode (otherwise known as browser mode).

It allows for the tasks to seem more human, which allows it to hit unlike many bots. It also offers a request mode which most bots use, and restock mode in help to pick up restocked items with ease.

Does Velox bot Work?

Throughout the past big Supreme drops such as TNF and RIMOWA, Velox io has stood its ground and cooked up the stock. Week after week checkouts flood the success channel, and leave the users satisfied and confident in it.

Velox bot has a private Pooky bypass to evade the Pooky bot protection. For US users it also offers captcha bypass which I have found very consistent for myself, as similar to other users. Even when other bots flop, Velox stays on top and does its job.

Personally I have been able to cop one Baltoro Jacket that was black and size small. I set up tasks with swiftly and with ease. I also picked up a San Francisco Box Logo shirt on a restock. So far, my experience with Velox is only positive.

Although Velox IO has been successful in all regions, it has struggled on EU drops. The bot protection in EU differs from the bot protection in the US. This makes it harder for Velox bot to bypass the 3D-Secure protection used. This results in it being harder to run EU. Despite this, the developer is constantly working on a solution to this, and Velox is very effective on US drops.

Where could they improve?

Currently, I am very pleased with Velox. I have had no complaints as a US user. The only thing that I would like to see is an option to open multiple instances. For those who don’t know, multiple instances is the ability to open the bot multiple times so you can run more tasks. If I was in the position of the EU users, I would like to see an improvement on the bot protection bypass.


Cook score’s explained

Success Rate:

I rated Velox at a 7.5/10 because of the success that it has shown on recent drops. The reason why I deducted 2.5 points was because it is not as consistent in the Eu as said before. 

Regular Updates:

Velox is constantly updated and is always ready for the next big change supreme will make. If something has changed in Supreme drops such as in EU, iNev, the developer of Velox, will push out an update with new improvements, and it has shown its success. He is constantly on top of things and is very dedicated to Velox and its performance. 


The support team is relatively small in Velox. Although it has a small team, they are very helpful and are constantly answering the questions and concerns of the users. In addition to this, the discord is very friendly and personable.


For something that is so successful, Velox is quite cheap considering other supreme bots. Its retail is 99.00 Euros, and 24.99 Euros to renew for ss20. Currently Velox is out of stock but can be picked up for a price around $350 USD. This is a very cheap price compared to F3. This is a very affordable option for those who would like to invest and take Velox for a ride. 

Number of Shops:

I am not sure what the developers have in mind for the future, but for now, they only support Supreme, as they are a Supreme bot. 


As said in the beginning of the review, I mentioned how simple and clean Velox’s UI is. Although it is not as nice looking as other well known bots, It remains very basic and mostly anyone could figure out how to run it. Its Logo is very appealing and cool looking, but it could improve on small things.

Will I Continue to use this Bot in the future?

Yes! I will use Velox until the end of the season. With the bandana box logo sweatshirts and beanies close by, I will 100 percent keep using it. I strongly suggest picking up a copy of Velox and joining the team.

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