Plugged Ios Bot Review. Is This Bot Any Good For Supreme?

Plugged IOS bot claims to be an AIO bot with a high success rate. This Plugged IOS bot review will show you how well its been working on Supreme for me.

Plugged IOS is a mobile bot which supports Supreme, Supreme in store sign up, Kith, Palace, Anti social, YeezySupply, Bape, Blends, Deadstock, Funko and a few more. Plugged is extremely underrated.

However, there is a good chance that this bot, that will be released soon, may turn out to be an even better choice.

Because it is a mobile bot, it is very handy to have. Plugged is very successful with Supreme. Plugged claims to be an AIO (All In One) bot, but it only does well on Supreme. 

What’s good about Plugged IOS bot ? My opinion

Plugged IOS bot is one of the most affordable Supreme bot I have in my inventory. This combined with a simple UI which is easy to use makes it a great bot to get started with for beginners.

This bot totally cooks Supreme and it also supports in store sign up while a lot of bots don’t. Even popular ones like Project Destroyer. Big advantage here for plugged IOS.

The bot also supports proxies although they aren’t the easiest to integrate but the team provides very good setup guides. Plugged also has a drop list in the bot, this allows you to get keywords with ease.

Finally as it is a mobile bot, it is very handy to have.


What I disliked about Plugged IOS Bot

As I mentionned above, this bot does amazing on Supreme and Supreme in store sign up. But that’s pretty much all it does. It doesn’t do well on any other sites.

Plugged also has renewal costs every 6 months but most bots do now so that doesn’t come as a surprise. I just wished they would offer lifetime deals as an option.

Like every bot it does flop even for Supreme sometimes.

You have to enter proxies in one at a time, this can be very tedious compared to other bots where you can paste a whole list in at once. Hopefully they will change that in next updates.

Based on the above, you can easily understand that Plugged IOS cannot be used as your main bot. Meaning you will have to buy some other bot to compensate its flaws.


Is Plugged IOS for sale? What’s the retail price?

The bot retails for $100. You have to pay a renewal fee of $50 every 6 months.

Plugged occasionally restocks in limited quantities on , it is currently sold out. For information on restocks, follow their twitter: @PluggedAIO.

Want to rent Plugged IOS? Check our rental prices here.

If you don’t want to wait for restock, you can buy from a reseller for around retail price. Make sure you use a trusted middleman when buying any bot to avoid being scammed. Bot mart is a good place to buy and sell bots.

Did Plugged IOS bot work for me?

Plugged does very well on Supreme and even better on Supreme In Store sign up. I use plugged as one of my main Supreme bots, which I run along side TKS and Cyber every Supreme drop. Despite it being a mobile bot, it still allows tasks and proxies to be used.

Plugged supports a long list of sites, but as I mentioned before, it doesn’t have great success on them, apart from Supreme. My personal experience with plugged has been very successful. I made the money I spent on the bot back in one Supreme drop.

Plugged has also successfully signed me up for Supreme in store every time I have run it.

Do I recommend buying Plugged IOS Bot?

Plugged is extremely useful to have as it is on mobile, which means you will always have a bot with you when you are away from your PC. As Plugged only really works on Supreme and in store sign up, I would not recommend Plugged as your main bot.

However, it is good enough to be your main Supreme bot so I would recommend purchasing this Supreme bot if you can. Plugged is a great bot for beginners. This is because of its low price, simple UI and it is easy to set up and run. Plugged can sometimes flop, but because of the ridiculously low price, this can be expected. In my opinion,

Plugged should currently be used only as a Supreme bot. Setting Plugged up to bot the other sites will be a waste of time. This may change in the future, if they update and improve the other sites.

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